Tobii Pro TX300

Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 300 Hz. Plug-and-play attachment to a provided 23’’ monitor with optional stand-alone use. This proven, premium research system provides data of outstanding quality and is designed for exhaustive, detailed fixation and saccade-based studies.


Scientific-grade, outstanding for detailed research

The Tobii Pro TX300 collects gaze data at 300 Hz while allowing for large head movements. This unique capability, together with extremely-high accuracy and precision, as well as vast tracking robustness, extends the possibilities for unobtrusive research into human behavior and oculomotor functions. In both behavior and eye movement research involving children or primates, subjects can be positioned comfortably, without an unnatural chinrest. 

The system’s premium components and superior data quality has established it as a trusted choice by many of the world’s leading research institutions.

The Pro TX300 captures data at 300, 120, or 60 Hz. This eye tracker shows exactly where people are looking and is designed for studies that require a higher sampling rate; e.g. detailed research into minute eye movements such as saccades, correction saccades, fixations, pupil size changes, and blinks.

Ultimate flexibility in setup and software

The Pro TX300 includes the eye tracker unit and a removable 23” monitor. The system can be used with the provided screen or with just the eye tracking hardware alone. These two options enable both on-screen and real-world stimuli to be used. 

A wide range of software applications are compatible with the Pro TX300, including Tobii Pro Studio, E-Prime Extensions, and the Tobii Pro Analytics SDK, which includes free MATLAB and Python 2.7 bindings.

The Pro TX300 also integrates with the StimTracker, providing a versatile solution to synchronize on-screen stimuli and eye tracking data with various physiological data. It reliably and accurately synchronizes on-screen stimuli, eye tracking data down to a single millisecond. The StimTracker enables you to connect your eye tracker to several leading biometric data collection systems, as well as a PC parallel port.

Captures natural behavior at 300 Hz

Subjects are easily tracked while moving their head freely without a chinrest in front of the eye tracker. This creates a distraction-free test environment, promoting natural human behavior in research with children or subjects with low-attention spans.

  • Tolerates large and fast head movements
  • Eye tracking resumes if the subject moves in and out of the tracking box
  • All hardware, including the eye tracking technology, user camera, and speaker, are fully-integrated into the system
  • Stable and reliable eye tracking calibrations eliminate the need for recalibration

“We have just started to use the Tobii Pro TX300 and we think it will be a suitable tool for reading studies with children, as this eye tracker is tolerant of large head movements and works at a high speed.”

Maggie Woodhouse, senior lecturer at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University in Wales

Accurate and robust tracking

Premium components and extremely-high accuracy, precision and tracking robustness in real-life conditions ensure superior-quality data. This creates a solid foundation for detailed studies into minute eye movements and viewing behavior.

  • Delivers superior gaze-position data, including wide gaze angles
  • Vastly robust tracking capability, regardless of ethnicity, age, or corrective lenses, with low data loss
  • Maintains accuracy, precision, and tracking robustness during subjects' head movement and in ambient light
  • Very stable sampling rate allows for precise synchronization of gaze information with data from other sources, e.g. EEG, GSR, and EKG
  • Dual-camera system offers binocular dark pupil eye tracking
  • Outstanding pupil diameter data enables studies of pupil size changes

“With our expertise in the neuromarketing field, we were in need of a very accurate and precise, yet unobtrusive, eye tracking system that could be used together with EEG systems, such as Brain Products. The Tobii Pro TX300 system enables us to link brain responses and emotional feedback to attention to particular marketing elements with high precision, producing reliable research results.”

Ruihong Tang, MD, Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy in Beijing, China

Easy to use

The Pro TX300's automation and plug-and-play attachment to the provided monitor enable you to get results within a short time frame. A variety of researchers, including students, can use the system without needing extensive training.

  • Simple installation on Windows 7 and 8.1 computers
  • Software support for stand-alone configuration in order to study real-world stimuli
  • Calibrates subjects quickly and automatically, including options for infants or subjects with low-attention spans


Eye tracker unit

The eye tracker unit can be used together with the provided monitor, or it can be used alone with other screens. For real-world stimuli setups, we include a desk stand for mounting the eye tracker separate from the monitor to fit your needs. A floor stand is offered as an accessory option, as well.

The eye tracker unit without the monitor measures 55 x 24 x 6 cm (22 x 9 x 2") and weighs 6 kg (13.2 lbs.) excluding the desk stand.

Monitor unit

The removable high-resolution 23" monitor accommodates the display of on-screen stimuli.


Eye tracking specifications

Gaze sampling frequency 300 Hz
Gaze sampling variability <0.3%
Accuracy 0.4°
Precision 0.14°
Freedom of head movement

Width x height: 37 cm x 17 cm (15″ x 7″) @ 65 cm operating distance: 50 – 80 cm (20″ – 31″)

Latency Total system latency: < 10 ms
Processing latency: 1.0-3.3 ms
Time stamp precision Via sync-out port: <0.1ms
As specified in each data sample: Std dev 40 µs
Gaze recovery time

For blinks: immediate
After lost tracking 10-165 ms

Recommended screen size Integrated system, 23" monitor
Max gaze angles 35°
Tracking technique Binocular, dark pupil tracking
Data output (for each eye) Timestamp
Eye position
Gaze point
Pupil diameter
Validity code

Eye tracker unit

Size 55 x 24 x 6 cm (22 x 9 x 2'')
Weight 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
Eye tracking processing On eye tracker unit
Connectors LAN (TCP/IP over Ethernet - data samples)
12 pin connector (LVDS - sync out)
3.5 mm audio plug (audio in)
50Ω terminated BNC connector (currently not in use)
Power connector

Screen unit

Size 23"
Weight 4 kg (8.8 lbs)
Aspect ratio 16:09
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
Screen response time Typical 5 ms
Connectors DVI/VGA
USB (User camera)
Power connector
Built in user camera Yes, frame rate 640 x 480 @ 30fps
Built in speakers On eye tracking unit, 3W

Software compatability

Tobii Pro Lab
Tobii Pro Studio 3.2 or later
Tobii Pro Analytics SDK 3.0 or later
Other applications built on the Tobii Pro Analytics SDK 3.0 or later
Tobii Toolbox for Matlab
Attention Tool, iMotions
E-Prime Extensions for Tobii, Psychology Software Tools (PST)
i2 Visualizer Implicit System, Eyesquare
Observer XT , Noldus

For definitions and more detailed specifications, please refer to the Pro TX300 accuracy and precision test report and to the Pro TX300 product description.


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