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Discover how eye tracking is used to understand human behavior. We explore the many applications of eye tracking as an assessment and research tool, share expert knowledge, advice and case studies.
VR eye tracking headset Tobii Pro


T is for turtle, and triumph - Understanding autism with eye tracking

An Australian teen is developing games using VR and eye tracking to encourage a more inclusive world for people with autism.

Managing participants with vision irregularities


Eye tracking study recruitment – managing participants with vision irregularities.

Considerations for test participants with vision irregularities and how it can impact your results.

Audience attention measurement with eye tracking


A guide on how to make your TV ads more effective

New eye tracking research lifts the lid on true audience engagement with television commercials and reveals key tactics to get your message across.

Supermarket Shelf with heatmap eye tracking


Expert eye tracking tips

How to avoid the pitfalls of eye tracking research and other useful advice to help your work.

UX testing with eye tracking - Team work with Tobii Pro Sprint


How to Make My Organization Understand the Importance of User Testing

Several arguments to support the value of user testing and why your organization can't afford to ignore it.

Manufacturing facilities


Improve workplace safety with eye tracking

Identify risks in work environments and improve employees' situational awareness.

Avanza user testing with eye tracking - Tobii Pro Sprint


Customer Spotlight: How Eye Tracking Helps Avanza Create a Seamless User Experience

Take the guesswork out of UX and optimize your products and services.

Consumer Journey research with eye tracking - Tobii Pro insight


How to Own Consumer Attention at 4 Critical Touchpoints using Eye Tracking

Attention has been commodified, becoming more valuable and scarcer every day. In this post you will learn how to get inside the minds of your customers using eye tracking; enabling you to optimize products and win consumer attention.

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