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Discover how eye tracking is used to understand human behavior. We explore the many applications of eye tracking as an assessment and research tool, share expert knowledge, advice and case studies.
person using an eye tracker on a laptop

Eye tracking and UX testing: when, how, and if you should use it.

Eye tracking isn’t for every UX question, but for those it answers, it does so in a way no other method can. A great user experience is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an expectation from customers. Failing to impress, or at least be understood, at the point of first interaction with your product or service means almost certain and immediate abandonment from a customer, so, in this current landscape of prolific UX optimization, how can you give yours the edge?

woman wearing Virtual reality headset in Mondrian human behavior study

Does virtual reality offer a viable alternative to the real world when conducting behavioral research?

Dr Tim Holmes explores the use of eye tracking within VR to measure and assess human behavior and interaction.

remote eye tracking suburb scene

Overcome the WEIRD bias in eye tracking studies

Behavioral science is somewhat of an oxymoron – the attempt to make scientific determinations about something – human behavior – that is inherently malleable, and open to manipulation by choice and circumstance. This blog explores how to take research out of the WEIRD and into the (real) world.

Guy looking at washing detergent

Why marketers need behavioral research and how it impacts ROI

This blog explores why understanding consumer behavior is the key to influencing it and how you can justify the need to invest in the right research.


Eye tracking in a smart factory

The new way to train a workforce – just by looking

Many manufacturers are currently battling the skills gap and grappling with the challenges of adapting to new technology, but a solution to their problems could be within sight.   


How the HTC VIVE Pro Eye helps shape the future of VR and eye tracking

What the advent of eye tracking in commercially available VR headsets means for business.

Woman in front of computer looking at a website

Why the RTA interview is a game-changer in qualitative research

How the retrospective think-aloud interview and eye tracking can help you overcome the limitations of qualitative research.

Chemistry Lab Eye Tracking Research

How eye tracking can inform discipline based educational research

Dr. Jessica VandenPlas explores how eye tracking research is helping to provide a better understanding of how students learn chemistry concepts and improve methods of education

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