Tobii Pro Studio - Discontinued

Software for a wide range of studies. Works with our X2 and X3 series as well as our legacy screen-based eye trackers and supports the entire workflow of a general eye tracking study.

This software is discontinued. You may still download related documentations below. Existing licenses will continue to work as usual.


Proven for every step of your process

This software has been used by thousands of researchers in studies with eye trackers from Tobii Pro, ranging from user experience and market research studies to psychology experiments.

Tobii Pro Studio works with our X2 and X3 series and legacy screen-based eye trackers. It offers you a set of features to support the entire workflow of your research. 

This software cannot be used with Tobii Pro Glasses 2, Pro Glasses 3 or with Tobii Pro Spectrum. For the analysis and visualization of data recorded with these two eye trackers, Tobii Pro Lab is required.

For quantitative testing of package design and advertising, our service Sticky by Tobii Pro provides insights based on advanced webcam eye tracking technology.


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