Tobii Pro Studio

Software for the analysis and visualization of data from our screen-based eye trackers. Supports the entire research process, from test design and recording to the interpretation and presentation of results.


One solution for every step of your process

Tobii Pro Studio is the leading software platform for stimuli presentation, recording, observation, visualization, and analysis of eye tracking data. Large amounts of information are easily processed for meaningful interpretation.

Design your study, run test sessions, observe subjects remotely, visualize the results, and analyze statistics– all in a single solution.

The intuitive workflow allows practitioners, researchers, and students to work with the software without extensive training and in a variety of different fields.

A person sitting in front of a computer screen with Tobii Studio software.

"The software is user friendly to the extent that essentially anyone can be up-and-running in less than an hour. We were immediately convinced and have only become more enthusiastic."

Rik Pieters, Professor of Marketing Faculty of Economics and Business, Tilburg University, Netherlands
A Tobii Studio software screenshot.

Design made easy

Intuitive tools for study design and stimuli presentation make it easy to create eye tracking experiments.

Record a wide range of data

Pro Studio integrates a variety of data, besides eye tracking, to include stimuli presentation and subject behavior, which gives researchers a complete view of behavior. The software automatically synchronizes all of the data into one file.

The fast, fully-automatic calibration makes for an easy session set-up.


A Tobii Pro X2-60 eye tracker mounted on a laptop.
A Tobii Studio software screenshot.

Observe in real time

Remote live viewing of eye tracking sessions includes eye movements, comments, facial expressions, and interactions. This provides instant insights into subjects' experiences and behavior. Pro Studio is ideal for delivering live observations to colleagues and clients.

Gaze replay videos

Replay of eye tracking videos with the gaze point of the subject overlayed enables in-depth qualitative analysis and sharing of highlights. Pro Studio offers the option to hear the subject’s audio or see the camera as picture-in-picture.

You can log events along the timeline and export these together with other data.

Analyze statistics

You can generate a better overview of the data for a more detailed quantitative analysis and interpretation by using the calculation of eye tracking and click metrics based on AOI's, as well as versatile tables and charts.

Raw or filtered eye tracking data can be exported for further analysis and significance testing in Excel, SPSS, MATLAB, and other statistical software suites.
Adjustable fixation filters are available for eye movement classifications.

A Tobii Studio software screenshot.
A Tobii Studio software screenshot.

"Tobii Pro offers a complete solution for testing our websites with eye tracking that perfectly matches our needs.The setup is really easy and support for retrospective think aloud in Tobii Pro Studio allows us to efficiently document post-interviews.”

Tobias Hassmann, Program Manager, Ciao Commerce Division at Microsoft

“We use Tobii Pro eye trackers for both research and education. Each semester many students work with our eye trackers in usability evaluations and media perception studies. An important reason for us to choose Tobii Pro was ease of use. Students can start using the systems with a minimum of instructions.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Burmester, Stuttgart Media University


Download free 30-day trial

Here you can download a free 30-day trial version of Tobii Pro Studio and test drive some of the key features of the leading eye tracking analysis software.


Download Tobii Pro Studio

Here you can download your latest version of Tobii Pro Studio using your license key.


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