Tobii Pro Lab

Pro Lab is the eye tracking software designed for conducting experimental research with Tobii Pro hardware. The flexible platform guides and supports the researcher through the entire research workflow, from simple to complex experiments.

Eye tracking software for experimental research

Tobii Pro Lab constitutes – together with Tobii Pro hardware – a complete solution for researching human behavior.

It provides a visual user interface and dedicated software features that efficiently guide and support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording to analysis.

Designed to facilitate good experimental practice, Pro Lab makes it simple for beginners to get started with eye tracking and offers a large degree of flexibility as you grow your research ambitions.

Pro Lab works with our screen-based and wearable eye trackers as well as our VR headsets with integrated eye tracking.


Workflow efficiency

Pro Lab adds efficiency in every step of your research process with a visual and functional user interface and specialized software features. You can easily create complex experiments, collect eye tracking data, observe and qualitatively analyze individual recordings, and aggregate data for quantitative analysis and visualization – all in a single solution.

Tobii Pro Lab software icon
Tobii Pro Lab, eye tracking software

Ready-to-publish results

Pro Lab's analysis and visualization tools allow you to easily process and prepare large volumes of eye tracking data for useful comparison, interpretation, and presentation. You can calculate a variety of eye tracking metrics and create visual representations of your data thus obtaining a top-down overview of your data and report findings.

Tobii Pro Lab software icon

Data you can trust

Pro Lab is built on a platform that ensures precise and consistent timing accuracy – down to the millisecond. Thanks to transparent tools for controlling your collected data, you can rely on your analysis and findings with confidence. This includes customizable gaze filters, full access to all raw gaze data as well as insights into metric calculations.

Integration and co-registration

Pro Lab facilitates the combination of eye tracking with biometric data streams, like EEG, GSR, and ECG. Native integration of the Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit provides a single software solution when used together with our screen-based hardware. For co-registration with other data sources, it's possible to send a TTL marker at every stimulus onset to ensure precise data synchronization.

A person wearing EEG cap in front of the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker


Support for multiple study setups

Use Pro Lab in a wide range of study types – from stationary lab setups with screen-based, virtual, or physical stimuli, to participants moving around in real-world environments.

  • Design, record and analyze screen-based content and 360-degree content in VR, with the possibility to integrate other biometric sensors.
  • Scene camera recordings and analysis with the possibility to integrate other biometric sensors.
  • Import and analyze Tobii Pro Glasses 2 recordings.

Flexible experiment design

Easily design randomized experiments with hundreds of stimuli for a variety of screen-based research paradigms and scenarios.

  • Images and video stimuli, including 360-degree content
  • Screen recording stimulus
  • Tools for stimuli presentation order and repetition
  • Group and stimulus variables
  • Efficient drag-and-drop interface with in-line editing
  • Integration with E-Prime allows you to use E-Prime for more complex design/presentation handling and process the raw data in Pro Lab. 

Read more about E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii Pro here.

Tobii Pro Lab, eye tracking software
Tobii Pro Lab, eye tracking software

Transparent recording workflow

Present stimuli and record eye tracking data while monitoring the progress with user-friendly moderator and control tools.

  • Intuitive setup of your eye tracker, scene camera, and Shimmer GSR device
  • Flexible calibration and validation with numeric results feedback on accuracy and precision
  • Dedicated infant calibration tool
  • Live status of recording devices and sensors
  • Real-time viewing of participants' live gaze and stimulus
Tobii Pro Lab software feature: Event Coding

Gaze replay and event coding

Replay recordings with participants' gaze superimposed. Use custom events to annotate segments of specific interest and to code user behavior for filtering out relevant data sets. Plot gaze data and adjust gaze filters with full transparency.

  • Gaze replay and video export
  • Custom event coding and event export
  • Gaze charts plotting gaze data screen coordinates and gaze velocity
  • Customizable fixation filters for eye movement classifications

Automated mapping of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 data

Automatically aggregate and map data recorded with Pro Glasses 2 onto snapshots. Once the mapping is applied, you can immediately start visualizing the data and preparing it for extracting statistics, which dramatically reduces the time needed to analyze real-world eye tracking data.

  • Confidence graph indicates the algorithm's ability to map gaze points accurately
  • Option to override or complement automatically-mapped points using manual coding

Learn more about mapping of Pro Glasses 2 data.  

Powerful analytics and visualizations

Calculate areas of interest (AOIs) or event metrics and visualize your data for quantitative analysis and interpretation. You can optimize your workflow by filtering out and focusing only on relevant data sets in order to answer research questions using behavioral-coding methods.

  • Segmentation of data with Times of Interest (TOI)
  • Metrics based on TOI's and static and dynamic AOIs
  • Task-based event metrics
  • Heatmap and gaze plot visualizations
  • Data segmentation based on participant variables
  • Export of raw data and metrics with advanced filtering options to only export relevant data sets
Tobii Pro Lab, eye tracking software
Tobii Pro Lab: GSR Integration

Integration with GSR (galvanic skin response)

Enrich your screen-based eye tracking study with GSR data and gain additional insights. By integrating the Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit, Pro Lab offers from study design and recording to visualization, analysis, and export of GSR data combined with eye tracking data.

  • Integrated recording and automatic synchronization of GSR data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers
  • Display of GSR and eye tracking data charts on the same timeline
  • Filtering of GSR data and GSR metrics
  • Export of GSR data and metrics, together with eye tracking, in one file

This solution allows for the analysis of participants' emotional intensity concurrent with their visual attention to stimuli.

Simple data synchronization

Co-register stimuli presentation and eye tracking data recordings with other biometric data streams without the need for configuration or extensive technical knowledge.

  • TTL signals, sent from the software through a parallel port on stimulus onset, are turned on with a click of the mouse
  • Precise and consistent millisecond-timing of stimulus onset and duration
  • Presentation of images on the screen for as short as 50 milliseconds
  • Use the sent events for efficient synchronization
  • Process the eye tracking data in Pro Lab, export it (PLOF format) and import it into supporting third-party biometric software for more comprehensive data representation.

In this video, Estefania Dominguez, Biometric Specialist at Tobii Pro, gives a research perspective on the challenges and benefits of combining eye tracking and EEG.

Software editions

Tobii Pro Lab is a comprehensive solution that works with all of our eye trackers – from screen-based to wearable. You can choose from three different editions to meet your specific needs: Full, Analyzer, Presenter, and VR 360.


Full edition

For users of screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro, the Full edition provides the complete set of tools needed to support all steps of the study workflow. From experiment design and data recording to comprehensive analysis, visualization, and comprehensive data export. The Full edition covers all of the features offered by the Analyzer, Presenter and VR 360 editions.

Analyzer edition

The Analyzer edition gives access to automated mapping of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 data and the tools needed for post analysis, visualization, and export of your data. If you use Pro Glasses 2, data recording is supported by the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software, so you do not need the Full edition.

Presenter edition

If you use our screen-based eye trackers, the Presenter edition supports experiment design, data recording, and raw data export. Your collected data can then be analyzed using the Analyzer edition of Pro Lab or a third-party software for data processing and analysis (i.e. SPSS, Matlab, or Excel).

VR 360 edition

This edition is intended for users who want to collect eye tracking data from 360-degree images and videos within a VR environment. Supporting the entire workflow from study design and recording, to analysis and visualization output, it also integrates with GSR sensors for even more comprehensive behavioral data. The VR 360 edition is included in the full edition of  Pro Lab.

Try it

Download the free trial of Tobii Pro Lab

Here, you can download a trial version of Pro Lab. The download is free for 30 days and allows you to try some of the key features of our new software.

Below, you can also find sample projects for screen-based or wearable eye tracking studies.

The trial software is the most up-to-date version available. If you create or open projects in this version, you will not be able to use these projects in older versions of the software.

 There, you will also find training articles, the user manual, and sample projects for practicing.

Learn & Support

Pro Lab has tools that enable you to manage randomization and efficiently design trial-based experiments with and without replacement.

Check out our video to the right to see how to set up your stimulus presentation in Pro Lab using Group elements.

Screen-based study

Wearables study

Scene camera study


Supported Tobii Pro Eye tracker Models:

  • Tobii Pro Spectrum (all models)
  • Tobii Pro X3-120 (USB & EPU)
  • Tobii Pro Nano
  • Tobii Pro Fusion
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • Tobii Tech 4C with Pro Upgrade key

Supported discontinued Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Models:

  • Tobii Pro TX300
  • Tobii Pro T60 XL
  • Tobii Pro T120
  • Tobii Pro T60
  • Tobii Pro X120
  • Tobii Pro X60
  • Tobii Pro X2-60
  • Tobii Pro X2-30

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