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Want to find out how your content is being received in real-time? Sticky by Tobii Pro is an online eye tracking and survey tool that allows you to understand your consumers on a deeper level, wherever they are. Easily test the impact of your packaging, advertisements, and videos with large panels on the devices they use the most.

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Eye tracking made simple

Eye tracking studies don’t have to be costly and time-consuming. With Sticky by Tobii Pro, you get access to groundbreaking insights in a quick, convenient, and affordable way. No experience needed. No hassle.

Here's how it works:

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Choose from one of our pre-designed experiment templates which include media placeholders, survey questions, and instructions making it ready-to-go. Have a study prepared with your own content in just 10 minutes – alternatively, design your own study from scratch.

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Use our international panel database to kick-off your quantitative study. Panelists will be able to access the study from their computers and mobile devices using their integrated web-cams. The instructions are simple, and the calibration is precise, ensuring high-quality data every time.

Analyze your experiment icon - Sticky by Tobii Pro


Easily understand what makes an impact. Data is presented as impactful visualizations, with heatmaps and gaze plots illuminating attention information. Learn how your content was received by the panelists, for how long it held attention, and how it can be improved.

How Sticky helps


Digital marketing is more challenging than ever, with online ads crowding for attention. Sticky by Tobii Pro helps you design ads that cut through the noise and resonate with your audience.

Video content

Test your video concepts against critical KPIs and find out if they hit their mark. Track engagement, emotional reaction, brand visibility and recall ensuring the most effective concept.


Help your product jump of the shelf by testing its visibility with Sticky. Identify how potential customers identify with key aspects of your design while visualizing its effectiveness amongst the competition.

Why eye tracking?

Unbiased insights

When you use eye tracking, you get insights that you can rely on. Because the eyes don’t lie. What captures attention, what distracts focus, and what goes unnoticed can be reliably tracked by understanding a person’s gaze patterns.

The customer perspective

Knowing how your customer really perceives the world around them allows you to make decisions about your brand and content that maximize meaningful engagement. Eye tracking lets you see through their eyes, taking the guesswork out of your consumer research and giving you an edge over the competition.

See the unseen

Eye tracking uncovers previously unforeseen insights, highlighting areas of your content you may not have considered needed optimization. Perhaps your video is less engaging than you thought, or maybe consumers are distracted by a seemingly minor detail. All will be revealed with an eye tracking study.

Sticky stories

Work in an agency?

Sticky by Tobii Pro is the perfect addition to any marketing agency’s research toolbox. By offering your clients first hand customer insights and unbiased data on content engagement, you’re sure to be first choice for your customers.

We help you begin your eye tracking journey, onboard you with technology, and ensure you have the tools to wow your clients.


There are different possibilities for including Sticky by Tobii Pro in your research toolkit. Compare the editions below to find out which one best fits your research practice.

No matter which edition you choose, you always get full access to:

Webcam eye tracking for easy scaling
Emotion analysis via automatic facial coding
Powerful experiment builder with optional templates
Support for images, videos, and shelves as stimuli
Integrated and affordable participant panels
Auto-generated eye tracking analytics and eye tracking metrics
Complimentary report templates and best practice guidance
Online onboarding and support

Starter edition

Number of experiments: One

Number of user seats: One

Subscription duration: 2 months

Experiment templates: Standard

Super admin access: Not available

Platform integration: Not available

Look and feel: Standard

Professional edition

Number of experiments: Unlimited

Number of user seats: Unlimited

Subscription duration: 1,3,6 or 12 months

Experiment templates: Standard

Super admin access: Not available

Platform integration: Not available

Look and feel: Standard

Enterprise edition

Number of experiments: Unlimited

Number of user seats: Unlimited

Subscription duration: Individual

Experiment templates: Customizable and unlimited

Super admin access: Included

Platform integration: API with documentation and support

Look and feel: White label / customized

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