Sticky by Tobii Pro

Sticky is an online tool for conducting quantitative advertising, web, and package design studies. This practical, cost-efficient method of eye tracking research can test large panels of consumers as they view targeted shelves, packs, ads, apps, or webpages from their own computers. Our expert Tobii Pro Insight research team is available to conduct studies on behalf of our clients in order to quantify consumer attention and determine which design most effectively grabs the eye, delivers the message, and converts browsers to buyers.


By using Sticky for your next study, you'll benefit from:

  • Simple project fielding and fast turnaround of results
  • Tracking via user webcams that allows for in-home testing, on a global scale
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional in-person research
  • Large sample testing that provides clear, reliable results
  • Simple A/B testing of current and new designs & placements
  • Studies executed by Tobii Pro Insight - our team of eye tracking experts!

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