Mobile Device Stand

Mounting solution for mobile device testing using the Tobii Pro Nano, X2-30, X2-60 or X3-120 eye tracker. Works with phones, tablets and other similarly sized devices or objects.


Mounting solution for mobile device testing

The Mobile Device Stand is used for testing on tablets and mobile phones using the Tobii Pro Nano, Tobii Pro X2 or Tobii Pro X3 eye trackers. Users can perform efficient, natural, and high-quality research into how subjects experience mobile websites and apps or how they consume ads on smaller screens. This accessory is suitable for both quantitative and qualitative studies that require detailed behavioral

Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand.

Mobile testing made easy

Simple setup and configuration make testing on small screens easy and efficient. The Mobile Device Stand kit includes:

  • Solutions for mounting the eye tracker, mobile device (includes universal attachments), and scene camera
  • Pre-measured configuration file and step-by-step procedures
  • Calibration board for quicker eye tracking calibration

Natural user interaction

The Mobile Device Stand allows the subject to operate the mobile device in a natural way creating a distraction-free user experience.

  • Holder rotates between portrait and landscape modes so subjects can interact with devices from a comfortable viewing angle
  • Stand height is adjustable for tall or short subjects
Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand

Detailed analysis

With the Pro Nano, X2 and X3 eye trackers, thorough, fine-grained analysis can be performed on smaller screens where logos, text, and buttons might all be within one degree of visual angle distance.

  • Mounted high-definition (HD) scene camera captures the details needed
  • Data aggregation is supported in both portrait and landscape modes

Parts & Construction

The Mobile Device Stand supports easy and efficient mounting of the eye tracker, device and scene camera. The main body is easy to adjust for tall and short respondents, and participants can rotate the device holder between portrait and landscape modes during the session. The flexible scene-camera holder ensures a speedy setup that is easy to adjust, while an easy-to-remove calibration board guarantees fast and easy calibration of participants.

The stand is delivered with a pre-measured configuration file and user manual. The whole solution fits neatly into a peli case on wheels.

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