External Processing Unit - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.


External processing in a controlled environment

The external processing unit is used for performing gaze calculations externally, in setups with the Pro X3-120. All eye tracking related calculations and processes are performed by firmware on the external processing unit, as opposed to the researcher's computer operating system.

The EPU provides a controlled environment for running your tests with dedicated eye tracking processing. This both improves the performance of the eye tracker and enables multiple connections to the Pro X3-120, for example in dual-computer setups. The EPU also gives you the ability to use Mac or Linux, as well as computers with insufficient performance for this application. It is also necessary to use this accessory if your computer is lacking a compatible USB 3.0 port.

Alternatively, calculations can be processed directly on your computer (using a USB 3.0).

Parts and construction

The Pro X3-120 connects to the USB 3.0 port on the EPU. An Ethernet cable is used to connect the EPU with the researcher's computer, running Tobii Pro Studio or other supported software, directly or via a network.

The accessory package contains:

  • External processing unit
  • Power supply
  • PSU cable
  • USB Ethernet adapter
  • Ethernet cable