E-Prime Extensions

Software that enables the combination of screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro and E-Prime. Using this tool, researchers are empowered to create more comprehensive experiments using our devices.


Seamless E-Prime® integration  

Extensions enables the combination of our screen-based eye trackers and E-Prime® - the world's leading software for designing and running psychology experiments. Among other things, E-Prime® features programmable experiments, precise stimulus timing, and integration with various data sources, such as response boxes and EEG devices. E-Prime® Extensions is intended for research use only.

E-prime extension screenshot.
E-prime extension screenshot.

Extending research possibilities

Integrating E-Prime® with our eye trackers expands your research possibilities:

  • Train subjects to fixate and control eye movements
  • Give feedback on vigilance or attentive behaviors
  • Create interactive eye tracking paradigms
  • Create paradigms which change based on subject's eye gaze data, region of interest (ROI) hit tests, fixation, and user interaction

Comprehensive software package 

E-Prime® and E-Prime® Extensions can be purchased through our team. The E-Prime® Extensions software package includes:

  • E-Prime® Extensions
  • A library of sample paradigms for learning and paradigm adaptation
  • E-Prime® support and Tobii Pro hardware support

A starter program is offered by PST for E-Prime® Extensions customers. The goal of this program is to assist EET customers implement their first EET/E-Prime eye tracking experiment.

More information

Close partnerships and integration with third-party products such as E-Prime (PST), Biometric Software Suite (Dr Hornecker) and StimTracker (Cedrus) make Tobii Pro eye trackers compatible with a large variety of biometric sensors. 

For an overview of current eye tracking and biometric data sync options, please refer to our separate compatibility table. 

System Requirements

Software system requirements

For E-Prime and E-Prime Extensions system requirements, please refer to Psychology Software Tools, Inc.

For Tobii Pro Studio system requirements, please refer to the Tobii Pro system recommendations. 

Learn & Support

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