Glasses 3 wearable eye tracker front view
Designed for the real world, our third-generation wearable eye tracker allows you to conduct behavioral research in a wide range of settings. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 delivers robust eye tracking and accurate gaze data while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally. Read more
Fusion eye tracker
Screen-based eye tracker, capturing gaze data at speeds up to 250 Hz. Our next generation of compact high-performance eye trackers, this powerful research system supports from fixation to saccade based research outside of the lab. Read more
Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker hero shot
Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at speeds up to 1200 Hz. This high-performance research system provides superior data quality and is designed for extensive research into behavior and eye movements – from fixation-based studies to micro-saccades. Read more
Quick and easy eye tracking - Tobii Pro Nano
A screen-based eye tracker which captures gaze data at 60 Hz and is designed for fixation-based studies. This easy-to-use, robust research system is an ideal entry point for those considering beginning eye tracking research or those wishing to take their eye tracking research out of the lab environment. Read more
Tobii Pro Lab, eye tracking software
Pro Lab is the eye tracking software designed for conducting experimental research with Tobii Pro hardware. The flexible platform guides and supports the researcher through the entire research workflow, from simple to complex experiments. Read more
laptop with Tobii Pro Sticky heatmap
Sticky by Tobii Pro is a self-service online platform that combines online survey questions with webcam eye tracking, making advanced quantitative research simple. With this time and cost-efficient method of integrating eye tracking into your research, you can test large panels of consumers as they view targeted shelves, packs, ads, or webpages from their own computers. Read more
Tobii Pro Glasses 2 SDK
Free software development kit for building analytical applications to work with eye trackers from Tobii Pro. Offers multiple-platform support for several programming languages and prefabs for 3D engines. Read more
Free software to help manage your screen-based eye tracker. This application helps set up the eye tracker with or without a screen, and it assists with user calibration, and troubleshooting. Depending on the eye tracker model, you can also use it to change settings and update the firmware. Read more
Glasses 3 with IR Blocking safety lenses
IR blocking safety lenses for Tobii Pro Glasses 3. This accessory package contains two lenses (clear and tinted) that are compliant with safety glass standards to support research in bright environments and locations requiring eye protection. Read more
Tobii Pro Glasses 3 corrective lenses
Snap-on corrective lenses for Tobii Pro Glasses 3 to cater for people who wear prescription lenses. Read more
Tobii Pro Mobile Testing Accessory
A mobile device mounting solution for conducting eye tracking tests with the Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker. The Mobile Testing Accessory is compatible with most smartphones and certain handheld devices. Read more
e-prime extensions for tobii pro laptop
The latest E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.2 combines the power of E-Prime with Tobii Pro eye trackers and Tobii Pro Lab. A simplified 2 in 1 solution enables running sophisticated eye tracking experiments using E-Prime's powerful experimental design and stimulus presentation features while processing the raw gaze data in Pro Lab. Read more
Glasses 3 API software
A free application programming interface for the creation of solutions that work with Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Access data streamed live from the glasses as well as stored data for post-recording analytics. This API is platform and language independent. Read more
tobiipro onsight installation training
Consulting services to help you set-up your eye tracking lab, develop methods and perform studies. Provides a cost-efficient way to maximize the impact and profitability of your eye tracking research. Read more
A two-hour virtual interactive session that will help you to install and learn how to operate your eye tracking system. Provides a basic understanding of the hardware, the software, and how to use the system. Read more
A one-day onsite installation of your eye tracking system. Provides a basic understanding of the hardware, the software, and how to operate the complete system. Read more
One- or two-day preplanned courses held regularly in strategic locations around the world. Topics range from basic eye tracking hardware and software usage to how eye tracking can be used as a method in specific research fields. Read more
A person sitting in front of a computer and working with Matlab software application.
Programming consulting services to help you review or develop MATLAB scripts, or porting existing code in their development projects. Read more
Shimmer GSR
GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin, which provides a measure of psychological arousal. Integrated with Tobii Pro Lab for the synchronized recording of GSR data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers. Read more
Qualisys Integration Kit for Tobii Pro Glasses 2
This Integration Kit enables for an easy integration of eye tracking data from Tobii Pro Glasses 2 wearable eye tracker with motion capture data from Qualisys. Read more
Mobile Device Stand
Mounting solution for mobile device testing using the Tobii Pro X3-120, Pro Fusion, or Pro Nano eye tracker. Works with phones, tablets, and other similarly sized devices or objects. Read more
tobiipro cedrus stimtracker
Device by Cedrus® for synchronizing stimuli events with eye tracking data from the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker and physiological data with real-time temporal precision. Read more
tobiipro external processing unit
Accessory external processing unit for performing gaze calculations externally in setups with the Tobii Pro X3-120 eye tracker. Read more
tobiipro x2 additional mounting brackets
Solutions for mounting the Tobii Pro X2-30 or X2-60 eye tracker onto laptops and monitors. Read more
Classroom package supporting university classrooms with eye tracking technology and knowledge. This package provides Tobii Pro eye trackers and licenses to our proprietary analysis software, paired with an extensive spectrum of knowledge resources and services. Read more
An eye tracking lab setup.
For universities or companies that want to equip an entire research lab with eye tracking technology we offer complete packages of hardware and software solutions accompanied by installation and training services. The packages are tailored to meet your unique research needs and use cases. Read more
tobiipro tripod stand for x3-120
Solution for mounting the Tobii Pro Fusion, Tobii Pro Nano or X3-120 eye tracker on a tripod. Read more