VR Days


Meet Tobii Pro at VR Days 2019 Lustrum Edition in Amsterdam.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

VR Days is a 3-day conference and exhibition on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content, cretivity and innovation. Learn more about this event.

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An individual’s subconscious behavior is hard to capture and visualize, but eye tracking can reveal what is behind subconscious reactions. Now it is possible to get these insights while immersed in VR. Get a free exhibitor pass and come meet our team in booth #B4 to learn how your business or research can leverage from valuable insights provided by eye tracking while leveraging the full control and flexibility of virtual worlds.

Speaker sessions

Speaker session with Dr. Tim Holmes (Museum Morning Session)

From plan to place: Making Mondrian’s plan a (virtual) reality!

In this talk, Dr. Tim Holmes, award winning visual neuroscientist,  will discuss the challenges associated with translating artist's Piet Mondrian original architectural plans into a Unity 3D environment. He will discuss the roll of eye-tracking and VR in optimizing environmental design.

Speaker session with Mattias Berglund, Global Product Manager at Tobii Pro (Vive Developer Event)

Mattias Berglund will talk about the value eye tracking brings to VR studies and how researchers and businesses across industries utilize it.

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