Eye tracking and motion capture integration


Learn how to get unique insights into human behavior by combining Tobii Pro eye tracking with Qualisys 3D Motion Capture technology.





The webinar will cover:

How to take your eye tracking research to the next level by adding motion capture data. When combining motion capture with eye tracking you will be able to measure the precise 3D location of the eye tracker at any given time, all while moving freely in the motion capture volume and measuring what participates are looking at.

Additional motion capture markers on the participant, other people, or on objects can also locate the position of these people or items which enables, for example, participants to interact with each other or to move objects while you are still getting objective accurate data on what the participant is looking at

For your convenience we will have a morning and afternoon session.

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Webinar topics

  • Short introduction of 3D Motion Capture and Eye tracking technology
  • How to integrate Tobii Pro Glasses 2 into the Qualisys system
  • Hands-on examples: tracking of participants, screens and mobile phone (moving object)
  • Case examples: Lund University, University of Portsmouth
  • Summary & time for your questions (via chat)

Nils Betzler (PhD) - Team Lead in Application Solutions at Qualisys, Nils has more than ten years of experience with 3D biomechanical data capture, processing and presentation.

Jonas Högström, Solution Architect at Tobii Pro, has extensive experience with developing analytical software for eye tracking data. Jonas will be available to answer eye tracking related questions and support with his knowledge and expertise throughout the webinar. 

Please note that the seats are limited, so sign-up soon to save your seat!

Kind Regards
The Tobii Pro And Qualisys Teams