Optimizing Attention to Advertisements with Eye Tracking







Webinar Description

We live in a world where ads are everywhere. That means we need the tools to evaluate their effectiveness across all possible mediums. Eye tracking provides a precise look at a user’s attention by literally seeing the world through their eyes. Rather than relying on viewability, impressions, or clicks as performance metrics to make assumptions about a user’s attention or intent, eye tracking is accurate and unbiased in capturing how a user visually interacted with your advertisement.  

Our expansive eye tracking portfolio offers various solutions that measure attention in the real world or the digital world. These include our wearable eye trackers, screen-based and webcam eye trackers, and our all-new Sticky by Tobii Pro mobile eye tracking tool.  

In this webinar, we will share how eye tracking can be used to optimize your advertising across all mediums, and discuss which tools are the best match for your research goals. We will also share examples of how clients like P&G, Schibsted, and Dentsu Data Labs have used eye tracking to make their media optimization efforts more effective. 

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Event speakers

Mike Bartels is the Director of Marketing Research and UX at Tobii Pro in North America. He has a master’s degree in psychology and 12 years of experience within eye tracking research, across a wide range of commercial and academic areas.


Magnus Linde is a Market Researcher and Co-Founder of Implicit Academy, where he is evangelizing the power of implicit market research. Magnus mixes experiences from senior research positions on both the consultant and the buyer side, and provides his expertise as a close research partner with Tobii Pro.

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