HCS 2022


The HFES International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care is the premier educational activity dedicated to bringing the best of HF/E and Health Care professionals together to improve health care systems worldwide.



Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel

Supporting Healthcare Research and Medical Device Testing using Wearable Eye Tracking Devices: A hands-on training workshop with Research Collective and Tobii Pro

Eye tracking is a sophisticated and useful experimental tool that can reveal novel insights into human cognition and behavior. For instance, the focus of one’s eyes has been shown to be a reliable indicator of one’s focus of attention, thereby allowing researchers to track attentional shifts in space in real time during experiments. Fixation durations, scanpaths, pupillometry, and eyeblink rates can also be used as indirect proxies for cognitive constructs like workload and acute stress, thereby enabling researchers to objectively measure important mental processes that are commonly only measured using highly fallible and subjective self-reports (which are easily contaminated with measurement bias).Despite a dramatic surge of interest in eye tracking technology over the past few decades and its potential usefulness in healthcare research, the use of eye trackers in this field is still in its infancy. This is at least partly due to a lack of understanding regarding how to properly set up and conduct eye tracking studies, as well as how to preprocess, analyze, and interpret eye tracking data. The workshop offers attendees a thorough hands-on tutorial for incorporating eye tracking into formative human factors and usability studies for medical device testing.
Joseph Pauszek - Research Collective
L. Bryant Foster - Research Collective
Marisa Biondi - Tobii Pro

HCS 2022