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Frankfurt, Germany

Tobii Pro will be hosting a one-day workshop on eye tracking this October during the UX Congress in Frankfurt, Germany.

The goal of these sessions is to encourage leading researchers from academia and industry to interact and explore applications of eye tracking in the field of user experience research. This event covers a wide range of innovative methodologies that are either in development or being actively employed in eye tracking research today.

Tobii Pro will discuss the latest news about wearable eye tracking and how you can gain new insight into usability testing and consumer behavior with this new capability. 

Speakers at UX Congress

Daniel Scheffold

Daniel Scheffold, Tobii Pro – Inside Sales Generalist

Is it possible to observe a behavior without an observer?
The German Reading Foundation needed insight into how young people behave in today's busy, technology-driven society. The researchers designed an ethnographic eye tracking study to see how "post-Millennials" read, write, and interact with media as they go about their daily lives. But without the observers being present. Daniel will walk you through how this innovative ethnographic pilot study of young peoples' reading behavior and media usage was conducted with help of eye-tracking.

Thomas Ritx

Thomas Ritz - Professor at Aachen University of Applied Sciences

What makes apps successful? How usability engineering methods could be used to end up in highly accepted and thus successful apps. 
An app should be an “unobtrusive little helper”. But, how to concept such apps? The speech will introduce how usability engineering methods could be used to end up in highly accepted and thus successful apps. It will be shown that eye tracking could be one methodological element to prove the unobtrusiveness. The presentation will show how this can be applied in “real life projects” and how the knowledge could be transferred to students within university courses. 

Stefan Wobben from Concept 7.

Stefan Wobben - Concept7

How to conduct user research in fast growing start-up?
In this talk i will focus op our start-up SRPRS.me, how we currently use a multitude of user research methods and how these insights helped us growing our business (currently already 10.000 people went on vacation with us and our team grew in one year from 3 to 25 people).


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