BCCCD 2017

Workshop Conference Cognitive development

The Cognitive Development Center at CEU is pleased to announce the annual BCCCD meeting in Budapest, Hungary. BCCCD is the only annual conference entirely focused on cognitive development in Europe. 



Budapest, Hungary

Eye tracking plays an important role in gathering data about how infants and children interact with the people and the world around them. Successful studies require attention and care to obtain reliable data and properly process and analyze.

We offer two workshops where we will discuss common paradigms and best practices for high quality studies. Each workshop will allow for 20 people to attend, to ensure hands-on time for all attendees. The workshops are aimed mainly at beginner to intermediate levels, but more advanced users are very welcome as well.

Both workshops will be hosted on the 5th January, prior to the conference:
1st session: 08:45 – 10:15
2nd session: 10:30 – 12:00

We will present:
- common paradigms used in infant research
- best practices when working with infants and young children
- best practices for high quality data and validation
- possible experimental design issues

Participants will have the chance to try out Tobii Pro's remote and wearable eye trackers and the different eye tracking software.

For details and to apply, please contact the organizers of the conference directly.