An Inside Look at Sticky by Tobii Pro


How Webcam Eye Tracking is a Game-Changer for Consumer Research






The future of consumer research is here! Join us for a demonstration that highlights the game-changing features of Sticky by Tobii Pro, an online webcam eye tracking platform. This self-service platform makes quantitative research simple with time and cost-efficient methods that integrate eye tracking into your research. Test large global panels of consumers as they view targeted shelves, packs, ads, or webpages from their own computers. 

In this session, you’ll get the chance to: 

  • See how to easily set up a research project using Sticky by Tobii Pro 
  • Dive into the features for gaining maximum consumer insights, like emotion analysis and more 
  • Explore the tools for quantifying, visualizing, and analyzing user attention 
  • Get inspired by sample studies testing image advertisements and video commercials 
  • Ask our experts questions about the platform in a live Q&A session 
Shannon Jillian



Shannon Finetto and is a Senior Research Manager on the Tobii Pro Insight Team. She has worked with the Sticky platform for 8 years with experience in Insight Research, training & support and product development.





Jillian Leites is a research analyst with the Tobii Pro Insight Team. She has experience with eye tracking research, training, and support.