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Here you will find all the upcoming events in which Tobii Pro participates or hosts.

Upcoming events

27 Feb
The Quirk's Event Consumer insights

Eye tracking is a unique method to objectively measure consumers' attention and spontaneous responses to marketing messages. Sylvia Knust, Research Director for Tobii Pro, will be speaking at this year's event on 2/28 at 10:45am.  She will discuss how eye tracking and the insights you get to help marketers effectively design communication, products, displays and virtually any other element to catch the shopper's eye. We will also be exhibiting, so feel free to stop by to discuss more!

01 Mar
SPSP Annual Convention 2018 Social psychology

This annual convention is the premier international event for more than 3,800 social and personality psychologists. Attendees from academia, non-profit, government, and private sectors present and discuss research, network and collaborate on projects, and pursue professional development while advancing science and pedagogy in the field. 

06 Mar
Solutions for multimodal research from Tobii Pro – integrating eye tracking with EEG and biometric data sources Webinar Biometrics

This webinar will give you an overview of Tobii Pro’s different solutions for the co-registration of eye tracking data with EEG and biometric data.

13 Mar

The SXSW Trade Show highlights the integrations and overlaps between SXSW’s converging industries, hosting a diverse range of forward-thinking exhibitors ranging from promising startups to established industry leaders. 

14 Mar
Introduction to eye tracking research Webinar Wearable Eye Trackers Screen Based Eye Trackers Tobii Pro Lab

In this free webinar we will give an introduction to eye tracking as a research method, Tobii Pro eye trackers and software.

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