Surgeon in an operating room using eye tracking glasses


Our solutions are designed to easily capture human behavior while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally. Our team of experts are always available to discuss how eye tracking can help you understand and improve individual and team performance.

Viewing a plane cockpit through Glasses 3

Real world applications

Lightweight and discreet, our wearable eye tracker allows you to capture the visual behavior of individuals while they perform a task. The wide-angle scene camera combined with our eye tracking technology captures exactly what the person sees and hears without disturbing their natural behavior. This information can be viewed live or replayed later for identifying improvement areas for future training.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 side view

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Capture data in the real world. View the session live or replay later. Control recordings wirelessly with the Glasses 3 controller app for Windows and Android.

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with safety lenses

Safety & outdoor lenses

The safety lens add-on enables use of Pro Glasses 3 in safety graded environments while the tinted add-on lens supports use in bright outdoor environments.

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3 corrective lenses

Corrective lenses

Cater for those with impaired vision by using our snap-on corrective lenses (-3 to +5 diopters).

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Person looking at a weather screen using eye tracking

Screen-based applications

Small, lightweight, and easy to set up, our screen-based eye trackers allow you to view and record the visual behavior of a person while they carry out tasks on screens or within limited physical areas. This information is captured in recordings which can be viewed live or analyzed later.

Tobii Pro Fusion eye tracker

Tobii Pro Fusion

Collect data on screens or within limited physical areas. Pro Fusion offers high precision eye tracking and portability.

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Tobii Pro Spectrum Eye Tracker with Gaze Plot

Tobii Pro Spectrum

With a sampling rate of up to 1200 Hz, this high-performance screen-based eye tracker delivers precise gaze and pupil data with a very high tolerance for head movement.

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Tobii Pro Lab Software User Interface

Tobii Pro Lab

Flexible software for study design, data collection, and analysis.

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Managed services

Our experienced global service team has extensive knowledge and expertise in utilizing eye tracking for understanding human behavior and improving training. We can run tailored studies; help you get started and support you at every step along the way. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Exploration Study

Explore the value of eye tracking within your team together with an eye tracking expert to see how it can benefit you and identify what areas to look at more closely.

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Custom Study

Get the insights you need to improve on specific questions. Our team of experts performs customized end-to-end studies depending on your specific needs and scope.

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Training and Support

We help you and your team get started on your eye tracking journey with expert training and support anywhere in the world.

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