Tobii Pro TX300眼动仪收不到StimTracker的任何信号

Third party hardware Screen based Tobii Pro TX300眼动仪

If your Tobii Pro TX300 doesn't receive any signal from the StimTracker, please ensure the following:

- The firmware of the Pro TX300 is 1.0.0 or higher
- The StimTracker from Cedrus is compatible with the eye tracker from Tobii Pro
- The cable connecting the StimTracker to the Pro TX300 is on port number 2 of the StimTracker
- The light sensor feature is enabled in Tobii Pro Studio (Global Settings > Timing Settings)
- The cable is a 50 Ohms BNC cable
- The signal sent is a 0-5V TTL

如果您的Tobii Pro TX300眼动仪收不到StimTracker的任何信号,请检查以下内容:

- Pro TX300眼动仪的固件为1.0.0或更高版本
- Cedrus的StimTracker是否兼容Tobii Pro的眼动仪
- StimTracker与Pro TX300之间的连接线是否连接到了StimTracker的2号端口
- Tobii Pro Studio中已开启了光传感器功能 (Global Settings > Timing Settings)
- 光传感器的连接线是50 Ohms BNC线
- StimTracker发送的是0-5V TTL信号