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Research tells us that what we look at is usually what we are also thinking about – the eyes can tell us a lot about cognitive processes. This is the basis for eye tracking and why it is a useful tool to understand user behavior and user journeys.

Eye tracking allows you to move beyond the clicks, page visits and scrolls to understanding what users see and do not see, in what order they look at and consume content, for how long and, most importantly, tells you what happens before and after interactions happen.

Sprint is a straight-forward and easy tool that allows you to effectively and direct observe eye tracking behavior that can guide anything from quick design decisions or in-depth user observations.

Steps to take when analysing your
eye tracking recordings


Don't dive straight into the recording

Before we start looking at the recording, write down any spontaneous thoughts or observations from the user test.



Lets focus on eye tracking

Looking at the first 20 seconds of the recording, where did people look first and which elements caught their attention?


The general and full user journey

Looking ath the recording, what can be said about the visual journey taken and how people navigate the page?

Understanding the details

Now that we have covered the basics, ask yourself, what is it that we are interested in understanding IN DETAIL?

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Images and campaign content

In an era of information overload, the steady growth of Instagram and fierce competion for attention, a good image can be the deciding factor for success.

But what defines a good image?


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Are people reading your text?

How is it with users willingness to read a text? We spend a lot of time crafting text within our products, but how are people consuming it?

Now, more than ever, getting your message across in an efficient way is more important than ever.

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Navigation and menus

Navigation is not only about the steps the user take, but also the content that leads them to the right place.

What makes a good menu? How do we achieve user goals and make the experience as easy as possible?

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Checkout and purchase conversion

The largely hedonic behavior of online shopper leave many shopping basket abandoned at the checkout.

Regardless of how positive the user experience is and how many visit a page, not checking out means lost sales and a lost opportunity to expand your community of users and shoppers.