Avanza Customer Case
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Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Founded: 1999
Industry: Financial & Insurances 


Avanza was founded in 1999 and has since grown from being a small, pure stockbroker on the Internet to becoming Sweden’s leading savings and investment platform that challenges the major banks and insurance companies in Sweden’s savings market.

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Avanza obtains a more accurate view of how customers interact with their services

Avanza is Sweden’s leading platform for savings and investments. Their website is the sole location of their business to consumers, so ensuring it’s not only reliable but also intuitive is essential for customer satisfaction and continued growth.

The Challenge

Avanza already had a robust UX testing system in place, however it could be difficult to get information on user intent or thoughts without disrupting the test itself. If a test participant stalled while carrying out a particular task, it was hard to know what was going on just by observing the person on their website.

Because of privacy regulations it’s not possible to record test sessions, so the UX team and other stakeholders have only one opportunity to observe a participant’s behavior. This meant that a makeshift communication/viewing system was needed to allow others in the building to observe the session without intruding on the test.

The Solution

Avanza incorporated Tobii Pro Sprint into their UX testing processes. By using eye tracking, the team was able to better understand points of confusion or barriers to completing certain tasks without the need to disrupt or disturb users from their natural behavior. Seeing the users’ gaze delivered a deeper level of insight into the reasons behind their actions, and highlighted behaviors which might otherwise have not been obvious to the UX team.

Pro Sprint removed the need to interrupt a test participant with questions about certain behaviors, for example, if they stopped moving the mouse or navigating the site, eye tracking revealed where their visual attention was focused and showed if they were searching for something or were engaging with the content. It also provided validation for successful design features and elements which achieved their desired goal.

By utilizing the live viewing feature, it was easy for Avanza to share the session and gaze overlay with stakeholders without the need for complicated test sharing workarounds. Pro Sprint removes the need for special facilities or oneway mirrored rooms – you can create a ‘virtual lab’ anywhere that you have a computer and internet connection.

We use a range of tools… and now eye tracking is a huge complement to these.
It answers a lot of questions which come up from the other testing methods and even highlights some questions we weren’t aware of.

The Outcome

Avanza is able to test features and services continually and obtain high quality insights into the reasons behind user behavior. Eye tracking reveals the reasons why customers encounter problems or barriers, allowing a remedy to be found. By incorporating eye tracking into their existing UX testing processes Avanza has been able to better empathize with customers and how they engage with their website.

The live streaming feature has also dramatically improved collaboration and communication within the team. Stakeholders within the organization are able to easily join and observe test sessions without disturbing the test subject or moderator and without the need for any advanced technology or construction of test facilities. Observers are also able to easily communicate with the test moderator to get immediate feedback on questions arising from watching the test take place.