How it works

Learn how Tobii Pro Sprint works and how businesses are using the accurate, instant UX insights with eye tracking to build ideal user experiences.

Get started and ready to test within minutes

User testing with sprint-prepare

Setup quickly
You can start testing instantly. Plug in your eye tracker, invite observers to the test session and/or start the recording - and off you go.

Test anything
No complex integrations or time-consuming setups. Use your favorite prototyping or design tool, or even a product that is live. As long as you can show it on a screen you can test it.

Test anywhere
No need to haul around bulky, sensitive, or costly equipment. The only thing you need to bring is your eye tracker and computer, which gives you the flexibility to test anywhere.

Watch and share users interacting with your product

User testing with sprint-perform

No need for a studio
No need for a room with mirrored walls - share the research easily! Invite colleagues and stakeholders to watch sessions in real-time; in-house or out-of-office, from any where in the world.

Voice and facial expression
Choose if you want to record or share the user’s voice and facial expressions to get a greater understanding of their feelings while they’re interacting with your design.

All your recordings in one place
Decide what you want to record - the whole screen, or a specific application. Recorded sessions are automatically stored in the cloud so there’s no manual uploading or managing of files needed.

Build empathy for your users and create better experiences

User testing with sprint-analyze

Get valuable insights
Analyze and document your test to build true user insights. Understand how your design can be improved by seeing where users get stuck, what ‘calls to action’ they miss, and other barriers to an ideal user experience.

Share and collaborate
Build a common understanding of your users’ behavior by sharing your test recordings with colleagues and stakeholders through a simple web link.

Export your data
Download your recordings to view them offline, send them to colleagues through different mediums, or edit them with other software to present to stakeholders.

Endless possibilities to test

Test different kinds of prototypes and products in the various stages of their development. If you can show it on your computer screen, you can use Tobii Pro Sprint to test it within the tools and platforms you use and love.

  • Products that are live or under development
  • Keynote or Powerpoint prototypes
  • Wireframes or flat images
  • High- and low-fidelity prototypes

  • Internal enterprise systems
  • Copy and other pieces of content
  • Purchase flows
  • Navigation and structure

  • Competitor products, services and webpages
  • A/B testing of advertisements
  • Landing pages and lead forms
  • Layout and formating


The combination of eye tracking with a web-based, screen-sharing tool makes user testing with eye tracking fast, easy, and efficient. Learn more about what each feature of Tobii Pro Sprint has to offer.

  • Eye Tracking - Sprint Feature
  • Stream Session - Sprint Feature
  • Record Session - Sprint Feature
  • Invite Guest - Sprint Feature
  • Text Chat - Sprint Feature
  • Share Recording - Sprint Feature

Feature Details

Eye Tracker 

  • The eye tracking in Pro Sprint is powered by any professional Tobii Pro eye tracker that is connected via USB. Please note that any consumer eye tracker from Tobii - such as "Tobii Eye Tracker 4C" - is not compatible with Pro Sprint.
  • The eye tracker fits smoothly below the screen and the recommended eye tracker weighs 59 grams and measures 17 cm (length) x 1,8 cm (height) x 1,3 cm (depth).
  • The eye tracker comes with a small travel case and magnets for attaching it to a screen.

For more information about the Eye Tracker, please reach out to us!

Test session rooms

Create book-markable links to test session rooms that can be shared with test participants and stakeholders.

Stream live sessions of your users' screens with their gaze

Stream Tobii Pro Sprint sessions to observers with user web cam, audio, screen and gaze overlay.

Record test sessions for later

Replay recordings online or share a public link to the recording to share the with anyone who couldn't come to the live session. You can also download the recording as a mp4 file.

Text Chat

You can communicate with remote observers during a session - so you have a chance to get their feedback and questions.

Invite guests

Tobii Pro Sprint sessions can support up to 3 connected computers, allowing you to invite observers to watch live sessions. Send room links to anyone, letting them enter as anonymous guest users. Perfect for when you want to invite stakeholders and team members to join a session from another location.


For a complete list of requirements, please visit the Technical Specifications page.