User Experience and Usability Research

Examine digital interactions and online transactions with an eye on the user.

Overview of Services

Digital platforms of all kinds rely heavily on the sense of sight. For this reason, eye tracking can be a valuable data stream in exploring the user experience and usability of websites, games, apps, software, and virtually any kind of user system. Tobii Pro Insight research services' team analyzes visual behavior during user interactions to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of onscreen spaces.

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services offers comprehensive eye tracking studies that help you understand your customers in a more efficient way. We possess the necessary eye tracking tools and expertise in order to bring you cutting-edge implicit visual behavior analysis without the time, knowledge, and resource commitments of developing in-house capabilities.

Watch this video to learn more about how Pro Insight Research Services can help bring you actionable information.

Optimizing User Experience and Advertising Research with Eye Tracking

Eye tracking data provides an in-depth look into the minds of consumers. This video outlines how attention data can be collected in dynamic environments including the home, office, or on the go - on multiple screens and devices. The insights obtained from eye tracking research help create effective user interfaces and advertisements. 

UX & Usability Research with a Vision

Website and E-commerce Performance

  • How do computer users visually interact with your digital platform?
  • What can we learn about the fluency of your e-shopper's path?
  • Are users able to complete transactions and find information quickly?
  • What visual elements are associated with usability problems and confusion?
  • How might the platform be adapted to increase conversion, sales, and satisfaction?

Digital Systems & Information Effectiveness

  • How do users apply your mobile solution in their daily lives?
  • Does your site or app serve as an effective ecommerce platform?
  • What aspects of your solution represent pain points for today's mobile users?
  • Does the performance of your mobile solution support a quick and easy interaction?

Digital Systems & Information Effectiveness

A woman wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 buys tickets from a ticket machine.
  • Does your digital system facilitate a simple, speedy, and intuitive task or transaction?
  • Are users able to locate relevant information and find assistance when needed?
  • What visual elements of the system cause confusion and abandonment?
  • Is the information structured and presented in an effective way?
  • What improvements to the system might be made to improve the complete experience?


Usability Testing of E-commerce

Concept7 has worked with Tobii Pro Insight Research Services on a number of studies, including research for a global consumer electronics brand whose needs stretched across the globe. This client wanted to better understand the behavior of shoppers who went online purchase a product. Read more