Shopper and Retail Research

Connect with your customers through implicit eye tracking research in real shopping environments.

Overview of Services

From the point-of-entry to the point-of-purchase, the shopping experience is a visual experience. Tobii Pro Insight possesses the eye tracking tools and expertise to conduct naturalistic shopper and retail research in any environment. Our studies provide objective data on the shopper's visual journey through the store and illuminate opportunities for enhanced engagement and increased sales.

Shopper Research with Wearable Eye Tracking

Researchers use Tobii Pro Glasses 2 in real grocery store and convenience store environments. This methodology allows the team to discover deep insights about what the consumers are experiencing and how they are making their buying decisions. Watch this video to learn more.

"Thanks to eye tracking we got very interesting and valuable answers to how shoppers engage with POS material during the entire shopping journey and in the snack category."

Carolina Arantes, Project Manager, Sense Envirosell.

Shopper & Retail Research with a Vision

Shopper Understanding

  • Which products and store elements catch the eye of the shopper?
  • What do shoppers focus on and ignore as they browse the aisles of the store?
  • What visual factors influence the purchase decision?
  • How do shopper demographics impact attention in the store?

Product Performance

  • Does your product tend to be noticed, considered, and selected for purchase?
  • How does your product perform relative to competitors within your category?
  • Is important product information effectively communicated to the shopper?
  • Could the positioning of your product be altered to attract more visual attention?
A woman wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 looks at an oil bottle.

Retail Context Measurement

A woman wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 navigates in the shop while a test leader observes it through a Live View function in the Tobii Pro Analyzer software.
  • Which window elements capture the attention of passersby?
  • What path do shoppers take and where do they look as they navigate the store?
  • Are promotional signs, endcaps, and displays viewed during the shop?
  • What impact do elements of the retail environment have on purchase decisions?


Eye tracking for package design and shopper research

Unilever collaborates with Tobii Pro Insight Research Services to better understand their target audiences. At their Customer Insight and Innovation Centre (CIIC), they use wearable eye tracking to gain valuable insights so they can better design their products and packaging.

Check out this video to learn more.

What impact does in-store sales material have on consumers?

Sense Envirosell wanted to measure the impact and visibility of in-store communication and shoppers' behavior, and turned to Tobii Pro Insight to carry out an eye tracking study. Consumers did their shopping in a real world scenario at their regular supermarket and. Envirosell gained both an explorative and a qualitative understanding of the shoppers' visual interactions with sales materials inside the store. Read more

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services offers comprehensive eye tracking studies that help you understand your customers in a more efficient way. We possess the necessary eye tracking tools and expertise in order to bring you cutting-edge implicit visual behavior analysis without the time, knowledge, and resource commitments of developing in-house capabilities.

Watch this video to learn more about how Pro Insight Research Services can help bring you actionable information.