Package Design Research

Understand the visibility, communication, and persuasion of your current and future package designs.

Overview of Services

A well-designed package must do many things at the same time – grab attention, identify brand, convey information, communicate value – all while competing with dozens of other products on the shelf for the limited attention of the shopper. Evaluating how well a new prototype meets these objectives is an important phase of package development. Tobii Pro Insight’s eye tracking services provide objective implicit performance results to evaluate the visual impact of current and proposed package designs.

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services offers comprehensive eye tracking studies that help you understand your customers in a more efficient way. We possess the necessary eye tracking tools and expertise in order to bring you cutting-edge implicit visual behavior analysis without the time, knowledge, and resource commitments of developing in-house capabilities.

Watch this video to learn more about how Pro Insight Research Services can help bring you actionable information.

Package Design Research with a Vision

Package Performance

  • Do shoppers notice your package on the shelf among competitors?
  • Can shoppers locate your package when searching for it?
  • Under what circumstances do shoppers ignore your package?
  • Which version of your package scores highest in terms of pure visibility?
A woman wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 navigates in the shop while a test leader observes it through a Live View function in the Tobii Pro Analyzer software.

Package Understanding

A woman looks at the Tobii Pro TX300 screen.
  • Are the most crucial brand and messaging elements noticed?
  • Which elements of the package do shoppers notice first, second, third... last?
  • Which package elements tend to be viewed during the purchase decision?
  • Which version of your package most effectively conveys product attributes overall?

Package Purchase Intent

  • Does your package design persuade shoppers to purchase your product?
  • Which visual elements serve as barriers to purchase?
  • How can your package design be adapted to increase purchase intent?
  • What version of your package is most likely to be selected for purchase?


Eye tracking for package design and shopper research

Unilever collaborates with Tobii Pro Insight Research Services to better understand their target audiences. At their Customer Insight and Innovation Centre (CIIC), they use wearable eye tracking to gain valuable insights so they can better design their products and packaging.

Check out this video to learn more.