Advertising Research

Ensure that your ads capture consumer interest and maximize visual engagement.

Overview of Services

Whether you advertise online, on the air, outdoors, or in print, visibility is the key to success. That's why today more businesses than ever are leveraging the power of eye tracking to implicitly gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Tobii Pro insight evaluates advertising by examining the visual engagement of real consumers as they encounter ads under natural circumstances. Our research studies offer an accurate and objective way to measure advertising success in any format.

Tobii eye tracking research helped us answer important business questions about the effectiveness of digital advertising signage

Kristina Norman, Head of Analytics, Clear Channel

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services offers comprehensive eye tracking studies that help you understand your customers in a more efficient way. We possess the necessary eye tracking tools and expertise in order to bring you cutting-edge implicit visual behavior analysis without the time, knowledge, and resource commitments of developing in-house capabilities.

Watch this video to learn more about how Pro Insight Research Services can help bring you actionable information.

Optimizing User Experience and Advertising Research with Eye Tracking

Eye tracking data provides an in-depth look into the minds of consumers. This video outlines how attention data can be collected in dynamic environments including the home, office, or on the go - on multiple screens and devices. The insights obtained from eye tracking research help create effective user interfaces and advertisements. 

Advertising Research with a Vision

Ad Visibility

  • Which online and mobile ads are most likely to catch the eye of the busy user?
  • How can TV commercials break through to reach today's distracted audience?
  • Which print, outdoor, or other ad executions are successful in capturing attention?
  • Which version of your ad scores highest in terms of pure visibility?
A man watching a TV commercial on a screen with Tobii Pro X2-30 eye tracker mounted on it.

Ad Understanding

  • Are the most crucial brand and messaging elements in your ad noticed?
  • Which elements of your ad do consumers notice first, second, third... last?
  • How does interest in specific ad elements correlate with purchase intent?
  • Which version of your ad most successfully conveys the intended message?

Ad Optimization

  • Is your ad visible to your intended customer demographic?
  • Which ad placement or format is most likely to achieve the desired exposure?
  • Does your ad visually communicate the desired brand attributes?
  • How might your ad be adapted to increase the likelihood of conversion?


Eye tracking for catalog improvement

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Measure impact of digital signage

Global media company Clear Channel installed digital information and commercial signs in the subway system in Stockholm City and wanted to evaluate the impact of these digital signs. Read more

Eye tracking makes communication more relevant

Strålfors provides solutions to make customer communication more relevant across different print and digital channels. Tobii Pro Insight Research Services helped Strålfors to build internal competence how to use eye tracking to optimize advertisement messages in invoices, web pages and mobile devices. Read more