VR Integration

Integration services to help you build eye tracking into your virtual reality headset. Enables the development of tools for virtual environments in your research.


Enable eye tracking in your VR headset

This service combines the power of our wearable technology for research, Tobii Pro Glasses 2, with your HTC Vive, providing more tools for you to use in your study’s virtual environment. 

Features and benefits with the solution:

  • Ease of use and ease of integration
  • Full access to the eye tracking data set via the Pro Glasses 2 API,
  • Ready-to-use Unity example code for calibration, live tracking, recording, and a heat map gaze replay
  • Unity package documentation

In addition to the VR integration service, we offer add-on consultancy time to guide you through every stage of your virtual reality journey. We can help you with everything from creating your VR environment to designing your study. Initial Pro Glasses 2 API support is included in the VR integration service.

Please contact us about integrating eye tracking into Unity-based VR headsets, other than what is mentioned above.

Gain insights into a wide range of topics

The integration of Pro Glasses 2 into your VR headset allows you to develop tools for virtual environments in your research, giving you a unique opportunity to gain insights into a wide range of topics. Below are a few examples:

Human Performance Enhancement - When it comes to sports injury prevention or improving athletic performance, virtual reality can improve how coaches, trainers, and medical staff work with their subjects. Athletes can move through their world virtually, without the risk of getting hurt or overexerting themselves.

Market Research - Imagine not having to physically build a shopping environment for your consumer studies. You don't have to take your lab out into the "real world," either. Subjects can virtually explore stores in order for you to compare signage, packaging, layout, etc.

Psychology Studies - Virtual Reality is ideal for participants undergoing treatment for Anxiety or Phobia. Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can be treated through worlds where every external factor can be controlled or created.