Tobii Pro VR Integration for eye tracking behavioral research in immersive virtual environments

Tobii Pro VR Integration

A retrofitted version of the HTC Vive headset with a seamless and complete eye tracking integration from Tobii Pro. This unique combination transforms the way studies are conducted and opens up new research possibilities.


Eye tracking studies in VR

The Tobii Pro VR Integration allows researchers to run eye tracking studies in fully-controlled virtual environments, easily repeat research scenarios and switch stimuli, all while keeping track of the participants' gaze. Without compromising the VR experience, this research tool provides high-quality eye tracking data and tracks a vast majority of the world population.

Eye tracking in immersive VR is transforming how studies can be conducted, and it opens up entirely new research possibilities for professionals in fields such as psychology, shopper research, training, and performance assessment.

Powerful eye tracking solution

The eye tracking platform integrated into the VR headset is designed and tested to deliver robust, high-performance eye tracking at 120Hz for a majority of the world's population, including tracking through most prescription glasses. The advanced slippage compensation handles movements of the headset and maintains the accuracy and calibration, allowing the user to move naturally during the experience without losing performance in eye tracking.

Tobii eye tracking integrated HTC Vive for usability and way finding studies
Tobii Pro VR Integration is used for operators training and asessment

Seamless hardware integration

The Pro VR Integration is a retrofitted version of the HTC Vive headset. The eye tracking platform is incorporated directly into the headset, which ensures no interference with the user experience of VR. The proprietary Tobii EyeChip™ handles the data processing and puts a minimum load on the host CPU. No external cables are needed, because eye tracking data is transmitted via the standard HTC Vive cables.

Powerful SDK to access eye tracking data

Eye tracking data can be accessed both live and for post analysis using Tobii Pro SDK and example code for Unity VR engine compatibility. The Pro SDK supports millisecond synchronization and allows researchers to build their own customized analysis applications.

A person sitting in front of a computer and working with Matlab software application.

At Tobii Pro, we are investing in and continuously develop our VR offering for research. Stay tuned and sign up for the latest news and updates on VR for research here:


Retrofitted HTC Vive HMD

This retrofitted version of the HTC Vive Business Edition head-mounted display (HMD) is seamlessly integrated with Tobii Eye Tracking. The eye tracking platform is tested and designed to provide accurate and robust eye tracking at 120 Hz, without interfering with the user experience of VR.

HTC Vive standard peripherals package

The HTC Vive Business Edition includes these standard peripherals:

  • Two base stations
  • Two hand controls
  • 4 face cushions (2x narrow and 2x wide)
  • Link box
  • 5m (16') headset extension kit
  • Earbuds
  • Cables, chargers, and accessories
  • Deluxe Audio Strap

*Please note, these package items are subject to change by HTC. Visit their website for the latest updates.

Tobii Pro SDK

This is a free software development kit that is compatible with the eye tracking solution from Tobii Pro integrated into the VR HMD. Supporting several programming languages, the Pro SDK allows the easy and efficient development of analytical applications for research.


Eye tracking specifications

Gaze data output frequency (binocular)  120 Hz

Estimated accuracy

Calibration procedure 5 point
Trackable field of view  110° (Full HTC Vive field of view)
Slippage compensation  Yes
Latency Approximately 10ms (time from mid exposure to data available on client interface)
Pupil measurement  Yes, relative pupil size
Tracking technique Binocular dark pupil tracking
Data output (for each eye)

Timestamp (device and system)

Gaze origin

Gaze direction

Pupil position

Absolute pupil size

Interface Tobii Pro SDK (.Net/Matlab/Python/C)
3D engine compatibility Unity, WorldViz Vizard

Integration specifications

Hardware integration HTC Vive Business Edition with Tobii eye tracking retrofit hardware- no external devices or connectors needed *
Number of IR illuminators 10 per eye
Eye tracking sensors  1 per eye
Eye tracking processing Tobii EyeChip™ ASIC
PC Requirement HTC Vive-ready PC, see appendix A for general requirements

*The eye tracking integration removes the possibility to use the USB port on top of the HTC Vive headset

Get Started

Step-by-step guide

1. First, download the Tobii Core Software for VR. This contains necessary drivers for the VR eye tracker to run.

2. Download and install Steam. You will find it on the Steam website.

3. Start Steam. In the user interface, click the VR icon to set up Steam VR.

4. Connect your Pro VR Integration according to the instructions in Steam VR. Set up your lighthouses and hand controllers.

5. To download and access the documentation for the Pro SDK, go to the webpage and follow the instructions. For the VR eye tracker, please check for documentation referring to “HMD.” Download this license key to unlock the Pro VR Integration to be fully compatible with Pro SDK, search for “apply license key” in Pro SDK documentation to learn how to apply it.

6. If you are a Unity user you can download our Unity package that gives you two basic example scenes on how to implement eye tracking using Pro SDK in your Unity environment

7. For inspiration or to test out your headset, you can download the Mirrors demo. Unzip the file and run the mirrors.exe executable. Follow the instructions in the demo software to position your HMD correctly and to calibrate.

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