UX Live

Live-viewing tools for easier user experience and usability testing with eye tracking. This package enables web designers and developers to quickly receive direct feedback on their work. It can be used with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computer monitors.


Essential tool for web designers and developers

The UX Live package offers a live-viewing tool for user experience testing on websites. Designers and developers can test on any screen (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computer monitor) and receive direct feedback on their work.

The solution is quick and easy to set up and run. In real time, you will see exactly what a user is looking at- or not looking at- when navigating your site. By eye tracking your user, you will immediately identify usability problems and intuitively understand how to fix them. Eye tracking reveal issues that are often easy to fix and that have a high impact on improving conversion rates and sales figures. This package also provides tools to replay eye tracking recordings. 

Check out the video below to understand how live viewing works.

Cloud Nine runs the usability test using Tobii Pro eye tracker.

The UX Live package includes the following hardware, software, and services:

  • Pro X2-30 hardware for recording eye movements
  • Tobii Pro Studio (live edition) software for live viewing and replay
  • Mobile Device Stand accessory for mobile device testing (optional)
  • A two-hour online training that will help you learn to install and operate your eye tracking system
  • Support available from our teams located around the globe

For more information about this package, please contact sales, who will be happy to support you in the process of choosing the best solution to meet your needs!