Tobii Pro Upgrade Key

Welcome to the Tobii Pro Upgrade Key page. This information will get you started using the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.

What is the Tobii Pro Upgrade Key?

The Pro Upgrade Key enables the Tobii consumer eye tracker to work with the Tobii Pro SDK. This capability is intended for users of consumer eye trackers who want to develop certain software applications. In order for developers to not be limited to just gaze interaction, applications will need to be built on the Pro SDK, since this kit provides a license that supports this use case.

The Pro Upgrade Key holds information about the consumer eye tracker's serial number and will only unlock the eye tracker unit with that identifier. This is a text file that is signed and cannot be modified. It is not sensitive information, since it is useless with any other eye tracker than the specific unit identified in the text file.

Compatibility with any application built on the Tobii Pro SDK

The Pro Upgrade Key can be stored on the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C unit. This is a one-time operation. Via the tool Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager, which is available free-of-charge, the Pro Upgrade Key can easily be applied to the 4C eye tracker. The specific 4C eye tracker is then compatible with any application built on the Pro SDK.

Download the Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager free of charge:

Compatibility with Tobii Pro Lab software

As soon as the Pro Upgrade Key is stored on the 4C eye tracker, it is compatible with Tobii Pro Lab software. There are limitations with a consumer eye tracker, such as the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C that a user should be aware of when using it for research. Please see the Product Description for more information.

How does it work? What data is accessed?

The Pro Upgrade Key opens up data streams for the specific eye tracker unit. Without the Pro Upgrade Key, there will be no data streams available from the consumer eye tracker via the Pro SDK (i.e. no gaze data can be accessed).

The following data is available when using the Pro Upgrade Key:

  • Gaze data for the left and right eye, respectively
  • Pupil data
  • 3D eye coordinates (gaze origin)

For more details, go to the Tobii Pro SDK documentation website.

How do I access the Tobii Pro SDK?

To download the Pro SDK, go to the main Tobii Pro SDK product page.

The Pro SDK is compatible with all screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro by default. For these eye trackers, the Pro Upgrade Key is not necessary.

The overall design of the Pro SDK is intended for eye movement and gaze analysis use cases. It offers a thread-safe environment and other important functions for research and analysis. Therefore, the Pro SDK is the choice over any SDK that is meant for gaze interaction use. The Pro SDK is available in several platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as several programming language bindings, such as .NET, Python, and Matlab.

How do you apply the Pro Upgrade Key?

For instructions how to apply the Pro Upgrade Key, please refer to the user instructions below. 

Important note about firmware on eye tracker

In order to set up the consumer eye tracker (display area setting etc.), Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software is used. This software application is intended for gaming use. It is regularly updated and could also automatically alter the eye tracker's firmware. To avoid these firmware updates, do not update the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software when new updates are available. Learn more here

Need help with the Tobii consumer hardware?

For valuable information and support for your Tobii consumer eye trackers, go here.

Eye tracker compatibility

The following Tobii Pro eye trackers are compatible with the Tobii Pro SDK by default:


The following Tobii consumer eye trackers require a Tobii Pro Upgrade Key