Tobii Pro Lab releases from 2019 and previous years

This page comprises information about the features and enhancement from all previous major Tobii Pro Lab releases. The latest release notes from 2020 can be browsed on the What's new page.

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.130)

Export of participant video and audio

The participant Camera and Microphone feature now allows for exporting participant video and audio individually or as one file combined from Replay.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Export and import of projects

Export and import of projects in Pro Lab enables multiple data collection sessions across different locations and eye tracking setups. Through distributed data collection you can reduce the time needed to reach the sample size goal of you study or you can run several sessions simultaneously in large-scale and geographically separate studies.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Custom TOIs for web stimulus

In this release of Pro Lab it’s possible to use custom TOIs for the grouping of web pages. You can choose screenshots from any or all participants.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Instructions element

Add an instruction element to the timeline. Font, font size, text and background color can be modified.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.123)

Participant camera and microphone

You can now record, replay, and get a live feed while recording with a wired Participant Camera and Microphone in screen-based projects. This gives you a more holistic view of participant behavior.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Mouse clicks and mouse cursor

You can now see mouse clicks in live view as well as the mouse cursor in the moderator tool, when applicable in screen-based projects.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Time to First Click and Time from First Fixation to Mouse Click metrics

These metrics add the possibility to measure and analyze target findability and recognizability.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Further developed web stimulus feature

The web stimulus feature captures screenshots in a new way, covering more types of web pages. Fixed elements on web pages are being detected and used for correctly transforming gaze points onto the screenshot.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Web navigation Time of interest

The first interval will start when the page has started to load, to make first impression studies more reliable.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Support for HTC Vive Pro Eye

This version of Pro Lab works with the HTC Vive Pro Eye VR headset with integrated eye tracking from Tobii, in VR 360 projects, using 360 images or video.

Full edition, VR 360 edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.118)

Web stimulus for screen-based studies

This version of Pro Lab introduces web stimulus for screen-based projects. A basic Chromium-based built-in web browser provides stable browser support in studies that involve web pages. The browser is launched during recording with the start URL added in the properties panel.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Tools for aggregating data in web recordings

Tobii Pro Lab captures a screenshot for each URL that is visited, which will be visible in the Visualizations tab. During the analysis these snapshots and associated web navigation TOIs can be used to segment and aggregate viewing behavior over all participants for each webpage visited.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Controlled for fixed UI elements

Fixed UI elements on web pages are controlled for, so the gaze on a fixed UI element is automatically being placed on the right spot in the visualization and giving correct data for metrics and export.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Manual mapping for screen-based projects

Manual mapping has been enabled for screen-based projects, providing an easy way to add snapshots such as screenshots or a schematic picture of the webpage and map gaze points as attention.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Click visualizations and AOI Click count metrics

Clicks are visualized in Replay (and in the Visualization tab) for web recordings, and AOI Click count metrics have been added for all stimuli types.

Full edition, Analzer edition, Presenter edition

Updated calibration validation process

Precision RMS value for new recordings and Average data loss (%) has been added to the calibration validation results.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.116)

Saccade metrics available in Metrics export

This version of Pro Lab extends the available set of metrics with saccade metrics. You can now calculate and export measures of saccadic eye movements, such as amplitude, peak velocity, and direction. Use these measures to describe and quantify attentional shifts, study search behavior, cognitive load, and reading behavior.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Automatic calibration validation

A validation step has been added to the calibration procedure which enables you to more accurately estimate the data quality after the eye tracker calibration. The validation results are displayed at the end of the calibration procedure and are available as graphical and numeric values. This step is enabled by default.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Click visualization in Replay for screen recordings

For screen recordings, Pro Lab will now show where the participant clicked during playback in Replay.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Improved manual mapping performance

Manual mapping of data recorded with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 recordings has been improved, resulting in shorter delays between mapping a fixation onto a snapshot and the software moving to the next fixation.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.111)

Integration with E-Prime behavioral experiment software

This version of Pro Lab offers a simplified solution to combine the software with E-Prime from PST. A new External presenter project type, together with the latest E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.2 enables you to run sophisticated eye tracking experiments (including gaze-contingency), using E-Prime’s powerful experimental design and stimulus presentation features, and process the raw gaze data in Pro Lab with dedicated gaze data analysis tools.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.108)

Tools for stimuli presentation order and repetition

It’s now possible to create groups when designing your study and applying stimuli presentation order and number of repetitions to these. This allows researchers to manage randomization and efficiently design trial-based experiments with and without replacement.

Full edition, Presenter edition

More ways of implementing experimental variables

The addition of stimuli variables makes it possible to associate experimental variables, e. g. independent variables and related conditions, to individual stimulus or groups of stimuli and make them available in the metric export output. Variables can be created and edited throughout the workflow (before and after recordings) in order to give researchers full control.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Screen recording stimulus

Screen recording stimulus is now possible in Pro Lab. This supports researchers in the study of custom applications and extracting qualitative insight by observing viewing behavior. Quantitative analysis can be performed through the use of screenshots.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.102)

Support for Tobii Pro Nano

Pro Lab now works with Tobii Pro Nano – our newest addition in the family of eye trackers from Tobii Pro. This means it’s now possible to use Pro Lab for the analysis of visual attention in simple fixation-based studies using Pro Nano to record the eye tracking data.

Full edition, Analyzer edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.98)

Times of Interest (TOIs) projected around key events

It is now possible to define and generate Times of Interest by applying offset values to start and stop events. This enables further fine-tuning of data sets for your analysis in studies where tasks have a variable duration or are complex. You can choose to limit your analysis to a time period projected around a single key event, or between two events.

Full edition, Analysis edition

Display of Times of Interest information

Information about Times of Interest can now be accessed by hovering the mouse cursor over Time of Interest intervals in the recording visualization.

Full edition, Analysis edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.95)

Support for VR 360 studies

You can now create VR 360 projects in Pro Lab in studies utilizing the Tobii Pro VR Integration to eye track users in 360-degree VR environments. Pro Lab supports the entire workflow for designing, recording and analyzing the eye tracking data, including the same visualizations and metrics as other project types. You also have the possibility to combine the eye tracking data with GSR (galvanic skin response).

Full edition, VR 360 edition

Multiple start and stop events for Custom Times of Interest

It is now possible to include multiple events in a Custom Time of Interest, and then combine data from these. You can easily aggregate data from critical items that are repeated in a timeline, or included in different stimuli, for example, when using multiple versions of the same stimuli to counterbalance the location items on the screen.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.92)

Visualization of Time of Interest interval

It is now possible to visualize the Time of Interest interval coverage when replaying a recording. This allows you to see when a Time of Interest is active and what data will be included in the analysis.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.89)

Glance duration and Glance count metrics

These new metrics add the possibility to calculate the amount of time spent looking at an Area of Interest before the eyes move away from it. They can be used in human factor or human performance studies as an indication of visual workload and distraction when using visual or visual-manual interfaces (e.g. attention on and from the center of the road in driving (ISO15007-1), monitoring different elements in an air traffic control tower, etc.).

Full edition, Analyzer edition

More efficient management of participant information

In Pro Lab screen and scene camera projects, it is now possible to see, create, and manage participants, as well as related participant variables, in the Project Overview section. This enables you to more efficiently manage your participants before starting data collection. You are now also able to edit and delete participants from any project, which allows you to clean up your project or correct mistakes made during data collection.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.86)

New metrics export features

It is now possible to export interval-based metrics data, including participant variables, in an tab-separated text file (.tsv), adapted for further processing in statistical software like R, SPSS or MATLAB. This provides a more efficient analysis workflow for researchers working with trials in quantitative research.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Shorter loading times

This release offers reduced memory consumption and shorter loading times for large projects, most noticeable in Replay and Data and Metric export.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.83)

New Help & Learn section and menu

Explore a range of online help resources, such as support FAQs, learn articles, and video tutorials directly from the new Help and Learn section in Pro Lab. The new section is readily accessible when your computer is connected to the internet, either by clicking on the Help and Learn option when you start the software, or the ever-present help icon located on the title bar.

Full edition, Presenter edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab is now able to record and process eye tracking data at 1200Hz

Pro Lab can now be used to process and analyze eye tracking data recorded with the Tobii Pro Spectrum 1200Hz eye tracker. Perform up to 45 minute recordings (Max.) and exploit the advantages of working with high detailed eye movement data in Pro Lab.

Full edition, Presenter edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro lab (version 1.79)

Participant variables

The participant variables feature allows you to add participant characteristics, such as gender, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status to your Pro Lab project. This will enable you to segment the data into participant groups, or include these variables in your metrics and data exports for further statistical analysis (e.g. to control for confounding variables or perform a multivariate analysis). It enhances your data analysis by providing more ways to segment the data and add more information to your data exports.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.76)

AOI Tags for the aggregation of AOI data

Area of Interest (AOI) Tags, available both for static and dynamic AOIs, allow researchers to aggregate several AOIs in order to analyze conditions that exist across multiple stimulus elements. Metrics and Data export are available for the aggregated data, enabling an easier analysis workflow for many experimental paradigms and research questions, as well as the multi-recording usage of dynamic AOIs in Tobii Pro Glasses 2 projects.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Moderator tool for live viewing

Display of the stimulus seen by the participant has been added to the Moderator tool, allowing the moderator to view the live gaze of the participant overlaid on the stimulus on a second screen. This enables local live viewing for real-time insight and preparing post interviews, while making it easier for the moderator to monitor the progress of the eye tracking.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.73)

Complete integration of GSR (galvanic skin response)

This version of Pro Lab comes with a GSR data filter and analysis tools, which enable researchers to reduce noise and detect peaks in their GSR data. This, together with the introduction of GSR-related metrics, completes the integration of the Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit in Pro Lab for screen-based and scene camera projects. You can design your study and record, visualize, analyze, and export GSR data, together with eye tracking data, in a single software solution.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Filtering of GSR data

The option to apply a GSR data filter allows for noise reduction. This smoothens the data and helps to remove the most common types of artefacts that can affect the GSR signal, such as high-frequency noise or sudden artefact changes. It also ensures proper event detection of Skin Conductance Responses (SCRs).

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Visualization of skin conductance responses in Replay

SCRs are visualized in the GSR data chart in the Replay section of Pro Lab. This enables the qualitative analysis of participants’ emotional reactions related to known events expected to cause a reaction, such as visual attention to stimuli.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Export of GSR-related metrics

The GSR-related metrics that are being introduced in this version of Pro Lab include SCR count, event-related SCR amplitude, and GSR average. These metrics can be exported together with eye tracking and event metrics in one file for more in-depth analysis in third-party software.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Gaze trail in Replay

Gaze trail has been added in Replay, visualizing historical eye movement data and the applied gaze filter. This helps to understand and interpret behavior when performing the qualitative analysis of single recordings.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.70)

Dynamic AOIs extended to Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and scene camera recordings

The latest software update gives you the possibility to create dynamic areas of interest (AOI) for Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and scene camera projects. This enables AOI-based analysis of single recordings, as well as the export of AOI characteristics for analysis across multiple recordings in other software. These new capabilities will improve workflow efficiency and reduce analysis time.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Export of calibration results

Calibration results can now be viewed and exported after data collection. This helps the researcher evaluate individual recordings for inclusion or exclusion in the data analysis and specify calibration quality when producing study reports and publications.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Time of Interest analysis using video frames

Using frames from Replay videos as “static” background images enables the creation of visualizations and AOI-based analysis for the custom Times of Interest assigned to them. This allows researchers to focus their analysis and optimizes the analysis workflow in scene camera studies and screen-based studies that involve video stimuli.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.67)

Visualization of GSR data in Replay

With the addition of visualization of GSR raw data in Replay, Pro Lab takes one step closer to providing a single software solution for the combined use and analysis of eye tracking and GSR data. The display of GSR and eye tracking data charts on the same timeline allows for the qualitative analysis of participants’ emotional intensity concurrent with their visual attention to stimuli.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Support for scene camera studies

It is now possible to create scene camera projects for study scenarios or setups where screen-based eye trackers are used without a screen. This project type enables researchers to record, analyze, and export metrics and raw data in more stationary studies that involve the use of physical objects or surfaces as stimuli (e.g shelves, printed materials, mobile screens, or other scenes).

Full edition, Presenter edition

Flexible calibration stimulus

The ability to import the researchers’ own videos for calibration stimuli adds more flexibility to the calibration routine. Choosing the type of target according to your test design and type of participants increases the likelihood of a successful calibration. Unique videos can better engage the participant’s attention and improve the consequent data quality during the recording.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Time to First Event metric

This metric adds the possibility to calculate latencies or reaction times using manually-logged events (behavioral coding).

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.64)

Dynamic areas of interest

It is now possible to do areas of interest (AOI) based analysis with screen-based dynamic stimuli (e.g. videos). The AOIs allow you to calculate quantitative eye movement measures from key elements of the video stimuli (e.g. objects moving across the screen).

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Improved navigation in Replay tab

Thumbnails have been added to the recording replay to improve the navigation and workflow efficiency. These thumbnails help you locate portions of your recording in situations where you want to inspect it in more detail or manually code behavior and events.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.61)

Integrated recording of GSR data

This version of Pro Lab adds new biometric capabilities through the integration of a wearable GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor – the Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit. This integration enables simultaneous recording and automatic synchronization of GSR data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers, as well as the export of raw GSR data and eye tracking data in one file. It is the first step towards a full integration into a single, end-to-end solution which will also accommodate for combined analysis.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Improved calibration routine

Numeric calibration results have been added to the eye tracking calibration feedback, allowing you to set objective acceptance thresholds criteria to your calibration routine and report the calibration results. It is also possible to recalibrate single points, improving workflow efficiency in studies with subjects that are unable to sustain attention for multiple targets.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.58)

Support for screen-based studies

A complete range of new design and recording features makes it possible to design experiments and record and analyze data from screen-based eye trackers. This means that you can now use Pro Lab with the entire range of eye trackers from Tobii Pro – both screen-based and Tobii Pro Glasses 2.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Powerful options for editing stimuli properties

To make the process of designing an experiment in Pro Lab both easy and fast, we offer the possibility to change the properties of stimuli across multiple trials. The software currently supports both image and video stimuli.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Moderator tool

The moderator tool displays the participant’s live gaze and the position of the eyes in the track box. This provides a way to monitor recordings on a second screen and an alert tool if a participant moves out of range of the tracker or if something is interfering with the data.

Full edition, Presenter edition

TTL sync out and in

Pro Lab has the possibility to automatically send precise timing signals at the start of a stimulus presentation as TTL onset markers through a parallel port. The software also offers the option to receive TTL signals from external devices. Sync out and sync in allow researchers to synchronize stimuli presentation and gaze data with other biometric data streams.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Millisecond timing accuracy

The software’s very accurate and consistent timing of stimuli presentation, down to the millisecond, gives you full control over your experiment. It’s possible to show stimuli as short as 50 ms without jeopardizing timing accuracy.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Infant calibration tools

We added video calibration targets to the calibration routine. This helps maintain the infant’s attention during calibration and increases the likelihood of obtaining a successful calibration, ultimately resulting in increased data quality.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.55)

Increased speed and performance

Pro Lab’s efficient processing of sensor data makes working with your data faster and smoother throughout the entire workflow. The time it takes to switch between tabs has been brought down significantly.

Full edition, Presenter edition

Added tools in Project Overview

Custom Event Types and Snapshot tools have been added in the Project Overview section of Pro Lab. You can quickly see and create Custom event types in your preparation phase for the manual coding of participant behavior and upload Snapshots for your analysis data recorded with Tobii Pro Glasses 2, increasing workflow efficiency.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

New look for Gaze Data charts

We updated the design of the Gaze Data charts to provide a more precise view of the gaze data. This allows you to do a quicker and more accurate inspection of the data quality and eye movement classification.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

More effiicient Real-World Mapping

We have improved the performance and stability of the Real-World Mapping tool. You can now more efficiently aggregate and map data recorded with Pro Glasses 2 for statistics and visualizations.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.49)

Faster Real-World Mapping

The Real-World Mapping tool has been upgraded, so it can now process the same amount of data recorded with Pro Glasses 2 in half of the time it took previously. This allows you to get started with your analysis and gain insights more quickly. The speed of Real-World Mapping has been improved by up to 50% for quad core computers and up to 10% for dual core computers.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer becomes Tobii Pro Lab

The Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software is now an edition of Tobii Pro Lab, our new extended software platform. In its Full edition, Pro Lab will support not only data analysis from wearable eye trackers, but also the whole workflow of screen-based studies, as well. The former Pro Glasses Analyzer has been renamed to Tobii Pro Lab, Analyzer edition.

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer (version 1.44 - 1.46)

Export of customized data subsets subsets

It is now possible to select data based on Recordings, Times of Interest, Areas of Interest, and Event Types in the Metrics and Data Export. This allows you to export and work with the customized subsets of data needed for your choice of analysis.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Data segmentation based on Tobii Pro Glasses 2 sync events

Sync events recorded with Pro Glasses 2 can be accessed as Events. You can use these events to annotate custom Times of Interest. Through the creation of visualizations and metrics based on external events sent during a recording, you can focus your analysis and optimize your workflow.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer (version 1.41)

More powerful behavioral coding with event metrics

New Event Count metric based on coded events (occurrences of behaviors other than gaze) is now available. This metric, together with custom Times of Interest, enables you to apply behavioral coding methods in an efficient way, providing deep in-depth insight into human behavior.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer (version 1.34)

Data segmentation using custom Times of Interest

New Times of Interest Feature makes it possible to segment recorded data. Custom Times of Interest are easily annotated using events. You can create visualizations and get metrics based only on relevant data sets, focusing your analysis and optimizing your workflow.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Viewing of logged Live Events

It is now possible to view logged Live Events, created in the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller. This enables you to easily find interesting parts, improving workflow efficiency.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Storing of queued Real-World Mapping tasks

You can now resume automated mapping of data recorded with Pro Glasses 2 by storing all of the queued Real-World Mapping tasks when closing the program. This allows for efficient data processing at times when you are not present, such as overnight.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer (version 1.29)

Support for Tobii Pro Glasses 2, sampling in 100 Hz

There is now support for recordings done with Pro Glasses 2 sampling in 100 Hz. This allows for the analysis of eye movement data in studies with more intense requirements when it comes to data granularity and time-based measurements.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer (version 1.25)

Automated Real-World Mapping tool

We are introducing a new Real-world Mapping tool makes it possible to automatically aggregate and map data recorded with Pro Glasses 2 onto snapshot images. You can immediately start extracting statistics or visualizing the data, dramatically reducing the time needed for analysis.

Full edition, Analyzer edition

Export of gaze position in 3D coordinates

Gaze position in 3D coordinates is now offered for Data Export in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer. This can be used to calculate where in the real world a person wearing Pro Glasses 2 is looking, for instance, in studies combining eye tracking with motion tracking systems.

Full edition, Analyzer edtion