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Tobii Pro research consultants help businesses around the world capture authentic human behavior and swiftly turn research insights into business impact. A flexible way for companies to leverage the power of eye tracking without the time and expense of developing in-house capabilities.

Insights with impact

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Tobii Pro Insight is the commercial research consultancy of Tobii Pro. Our in-house researchers design customized projects to help businesses see their business-critical processes through the eyes of their customers, audiences, or employees. Studies can be run in-store, in-home or in the production facility. When partnering with us, you will not only get an abundance of unique and high-quality behavioral data, most importantly, our consultants will help you understand and apply the insights to your business needs.

A team of experts

Our team of experts, with backgrounds in psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, and engineering, has a thorough knowledge of a variety of complementary research methodologies. Due to our many years of experience with a wide range of project types and research questions, studies can be performed rapidly. Team members on four continents and a global network of partners enable us to carry out eye tracking research for you across the globe. Since we have the broad portfolio of Tobii Pro equipment and software at our disposal, you can trust that the latest and most applicable eye tracking technology will be used to your benefit.

Areas of expertise

We empower companies with a 360° understanding of human behavior within these fields:

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Marketing and User Research

Eye tracking allows you to see things from the perspective of consumers. Whether you’re examining product placement, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, eye tracking accurately reveals what grabs attention, what influences purchase behavior, and how consumers engage with your product.

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Industry and Human Performance

Eye tracking gives you a deeper understanding of how your workplace functions and how staff operate within it, allowing you to make changes to the way things are done and continually optimize your processes. For highly skilled professions, eye tracking provides the opportunity to capture insight on how individuals perform their work and clearly illustrate it to others.

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Our research approach


Helping our clients to unlock the secrets of visual attention is our passion. The advanced tools and techniques we employ in our research allow us to reveal, explore, and utilize eye tracking data as a means of guiding our clients to that critical “Aha!” moment. However, we firmly believe that eye tracking is a method that truly amazes when combined with other research methods and processes, such as surveys, interviews, observations, and ethnographic research. We will gladly show you how to integrate eye tracking into your research toolbox in an efficient, effective, and sustainable way.

Your partner in commercial eye tracking research

Our mission is to make it easy for businesses to fuel their innovation and improvement efforts with the first person-perspective that eye tracking brings. We customize research projects to your needs, and you choose the level of your involvement.

Tobii Pro Research Consultants Full service project

In a full-service project, you provide us with the business challenge and together, we decide on the objective and the scope of the study. We then determine the appropriate experimental design and tools to be used to execute the project and handle data collection, involving you as much or as little as you prefer. We produce an expert analysis of the behavioral data collected in the study and deliver it in a report that includes visualizations and videos, all in a format you can easily share with stakeholders. You will also receive action points and recommendations on how you can apply the findings in your business.

If you do want to invest in equipment and execute your own studies, but would like active help in your first project, our consultants join your internal research team and share their knowledge throughout the study process and can take a leading role in the analysis phase. This is what we call a ride-along study.

And even if your research team is experienced with eye tracking, occasionally you might need extra hands-on deck for the setup, analysis, or any other part of a particularly challenging or large study – then we are here to help you.


How can our research consultants help you?

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