Onsite Installation and Initial Training

A one-day onsite installation of your eye tracking system. Provides a basic understanding of the hardware, the software, and how to operate the complete system.


Getting started

Our start-up training is one day that includes onsite installation of your eye tracker and software. You and your team will gain a basic understanding of operating the system. Prior to the training date, our instructor will contact you to assess your needs and prepare the curriculum for you.

By the end of the start-up training day, you should have:

  • a functioning system
  • a general understanding on how to operate the system
  • a general understanding of how to collect quality eye tracking data
  • an overview of the major software features applicable to your field of research
  • practical hands-on experience with the eye tracking hardware and software



Typical one-day training content


  • Introduction to the human eye, vision, visual attention
  • The most important eye movements

How do our eye trackers work?

  • General overview of the eye tracking technology from Tobii Pro

How to ensure good data collection

  • Data collection guidelines
  • How to interpret a calibration

Installation and product training

  • Eye tracker training and installation
  • Hardware overview, features, and specifications
  • Assembly, connections, and setups
  • Eye tracker operation

Software walk-through

  • Practical explanation of the main features
  • Experimenting by completing a few hands-on tasks

Schedule for a typical training day

09:00 AM – Introduction to human vision and eye tracking

09:30 AM – Eye tracker installation and operation overview

10:30 AM – Short break (10-15 min)

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Software walk-through

2:45 PM – Short break (10-15 min)

3:00 PM – System hands-on session

4:30 PM – Questions