One Eye Calibration Tool - Discontinued

One Eye Calibration Tool and IR-transparent Occluder for monocular calibration using the Tobii Pro TX300 and T60XL eye trackers.


Monocular calibration tool

The One Eye Calibration Tool and IR-transparent Occluder allows for monocular calibration, using the Tobii Pro TX300 and T60XL eye trackers. Monocular calibration is particularly useful when tracking test persons with ophthalmic disorders such as strabismus, amblyopia or nystagmus.

Each eye is calibrated, one at a time, while the other eye is occluded. The two calibrations are merged into one and automatically uploaded to the eye tracker.

You can test gaze vectors when one eye is occluded permanently or for just a short while. You can also alternate occlusion of the left and right eye.

You can choose to run either binocular or monocular calibration in the software and after calibration you can choose to run a verification test. Based on the verification results you can estimate how much the participant's gaze patterns deviate for an ideal case scenario.

Parts & Construction

The One Eye Calibration Tool contains software (running on Windows) and a special IR-transparent occluder. It is easy to install and use and all the files you need are contained in a single folder.

The One Eye Calibration Tool is compatible with Tobii Pro Analytics SDK 3.0, MATLAB and E-Prime, and works with the Tobii Pro TX300 and T60XL eye trackers.

Your computer must meet the following software and hardware requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit editions (Vista, XP or 7)
  • Bonjour driver

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