Floor Stand - Discontinued

Solution for mounting the Tobii Pro TX300 eye tracker when not using the eye tracker on a table.


Mounting solution for unique setups

The Floor Stand is designed for holding the Tobii Pro TX300 when the study does not require the eye tracker to be placed on a flat surface, like a table.

Typically, this accessory is used in setups where the subject is standing or sitting in front of a display. The Floor Stand is flexible. You can easily adjust its height with up and down buttons on a remote control or control panel. The accessory's settings can be stored in a memory and you can even change the output from centimeters to inches. The display light intensity and device time-out settings are also adjustable.

Parts & Construction

The Floor Stand package contains the following parts:

  • A height-adjustable pole mounted on a base platform on the floor
  • A plate with foot placement markers which makes positioning easy for both the test leader and the subject
  • Wheels underneath the base platform in order to make the stand easy to move

The Floor Stand is delivered with a keyboard plate, screws, tools, a remote control, and instructions. Assembly is fast and easy.

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