Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager

Free software to help manage your screen-based eye tracker. This application helps set up the eye tracker with or without a screen, and it assists with user calibration, and troubleshooting. Depending on the eye tracker model, you can also use it to change settings and update the firmware.


Efficient configuration and setting

The Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager is a new configuration and setting utility that helps you manage your connected eye trackers. It is available free of charge and greatly increases efficiency for users of either the Tobii Pro SDK or Tobii Pro Lab.

The Pro Eye Tracker Manager allows researchers to easily configure the eye tracker when it's being used with a screen. This application is also used to configure the hardware in scene camera setups, where physical objects are used as stimuli. For users of the Mobile Testing Accessory the Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager offers a wizard and simplified process of setting up and configuring the eye tracker for testing of mobile devices.

If your eye tracker supports different sampling frequencies or eye tracking modes, these are changed using the Pro Eye Tracker Manager. The modes adapt the way the eye tracker collects gaze data.

For Tobii Pro Spectrum, Tobii Pro Fusion and Tobii Pro Nano, the Pro Eye Tracker Manager is used to update the eye tracker firmware. For other eye tracker models, firmware is updated using the Eye Tracker Browser tool.

You can always download the latest firmware version from the Learn & Support section.

Fast and reliable user calibration 

The Pro Eye Tracker Manager offers an efficient option for users of the Pro SDK to conduct fast and reliable user calibrations. Prior to the calibration, a track status panel indicates the location of the participant's eyes within the track box.

If requested by our technical support team, a diagnostics data file can be created and exported for extensive troubleshooting.

One application, support for many eye trackers and platforms

The Pro Eye Tracker Manager is available for all screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro, so the same application works across the various models you may use for your research.

The application is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Support for the Tobii Pro X3-120 requires an EPU, if you are running it on a Mac or Linux.

Integration with your application

The Pro Eye Tracker Manager can be integrated with analytical applications built on the Pro SDK using call-in functions. The Pro SDK will still give researchers full flexibility, but common parts of the workflow of an eye tracking software application, such as configuring the display area, viewing the track status (a visualization of the head box), and conducting user calibration, can be easily be done with this tool, reducing the amount of coding needed. The integration, which is seamless, makes it easy and efficient for researchers to create their own applications.


Eye images

Eye images can be viewed live in the Pro Eye Tracker Manager for models which support this functionality, currently these would be the Pro Spectrum and Pro Fusion products. This allows researchers to understand what is potentially affecting their eye tracking data.





User calibration

Display area configuration

Configuration to stand-alone scenario

Change sampling frequency

Firmware upgrade and downgrade

Tobii Pro Spectrum






Tobii Pro Fusion






Tobii Pro Nano






*Firmware update is done using the Eye Tracker Browser tool.


Supported platforms

To find out what software and operating systems are compatible with Tobii Pro eye trackers please read this article.


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