Equip a Research Lab

For universities or companies that want to equip an entire research lab with eye tracking technology we offer complete packages of hardware and software solutions accompanied by installation and training services. The packages are tailored to meet your unique research needs and use cases.


Equipping a research lab with eye tracking solutions

From psychology to marketing and consumer behavior to user experience research – eye tracking delivers unique and valuable insights on human behavior in a way no other research method can.

Different solutions and setups support different research applications and questions. Our wearable eye tracker, Tobii Pro Glasses 3, enables studies in real-world environments or on mobile interfaces, while our Tobii Pro Nano is more suitable if you want to carry out simple screen-based studies in the field as it's small and can be easily used with a Windows tablet or laptop. For extensive behavioral research, Tobii Pro Spectrum offers saccadic event resolution and extremely precise eye movement and pupil data.


Complete package with technology and services

Common packages consist of a mix of wearable and screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro as well as our analysis software, paired with professional services for installation, training and support. This allows for a wide array of research using eye tracking.

The Tobii Pro Lab software supports the entire workflow from study design to analysis. The same software can be used with all our eye trackers.

Here's how Pro Lab works with the different hardware:

  • Tobii Pro screen-based eye trackers - create experiments using image, video, and screen recording stimuli. Manage recordings, observe and analyze individual recordings, and aggregate data for quantitative analysis and visualizations
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 – import and aggregate data recorded with our glasses for quantitative analysis and visualizations
  • VR headsets with integrated eye tracking – set up studies using 360-degree images or video, manage recordings, and analyze the data in a similar way to screen-based stimuli.

Examples of packages

Build a state-of-the-art eye tracking lab for a broad range of eye tracking research. Here are a few examples of research lab packages with Tobii Pro eye tracking solutions:

Example Package A:

  • 5 Tobii Pro Nano eye trackers
  • 5 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye trackers
  • 10 Tobii Pro Lab software licenses

Example Package B:

  • 5 Tobii Pro Fusion eye trackers
  • 4 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye trackers
  • 10 Tobii Pro Lab software licenses

Example Package C:

  • 1 Tobii Pro Fusion eye tracker
  • 3 Tobii Pro Spectrum eye trackers
  • 4 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye trackers
  • 10 Tobii Pro Lab software licenses

For all packages the following is also included:

  • 2 days onsite installation and training
  • Access to premium technical support
  • Training videos and learn material

 Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

"My decision to go with Tobii Pro was based as much on the unparalleled support they provide as on the technology. While Tobii Pro’s technology is great, what matters most is that Tobii Pro has a comprehensive program to support my researchers in gaining greater expertise in the application of eye tracking in their psychological research."

Nicholas Hall, manager, Behavioral Lab, Stanford Graduate School of Business