Equip a Lab

Lab package for universities wanting to equip a research lab with eye tracking technology. This package provides a variety of screen-based and wearable Tobii Pro eye trackers and licenses to our proprietary analysis software, paired with an extensive spectrum of knowledge resources and services.


Academic program

At Tobii Pro we meet clients—both corporations and academic institutions—every day. We hear from our corporate clients that there is a growing demand for people who are experts in all aspects of eye tracking.

Universities have a unique opportunity to meet this growing demand by equipping students with eye tracking tools and opening up doors to their future by teaching them how visual attention can be analyzed and applied to many business and research fields.

To support universities with eye tracking technology and curriculum development, Tobii Pro has established an academic program that consists of specific package options for both lab and classroom settings.


Lab packages complete with technology and services

The Tobii Pro Lab packages offer a variety of eye trackers and licenses to our proprietary analysis software. They also contain a set of knowledge resources and services, including support for curriculum development, so you can be up and running quickly and efficiently, and focus on your research and education.

Build a state-of-the-art eye tracking lab for a broad range of eye tracking research and develop curriculums that demonstrate for students how eye tracking can be integrated as a tool to answer research questions.

We offer two different Pro Lab packages, a core package and an advanced package. The content is flexible and can be modified to fit your specific needs. Typical packages may include the following hardware, software and services:

Hardware and software—core package:

  • 2 Tobii Pro X2-60 eye trackers
  • 2 Tobii Pro X2-30 eye trackers
  • 1 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker
  • Tobii Pro Studio Professional licenses
  • Tobii Pro Studio Analyst (non-recording) licenses

Hardware and software—advanced package:

  • 1 Tobii Pro TX300 eye tracker
  • 2 Tobii Pro X2-60 eye trackers
  • 1 Tobii Pro X2-30 eye tracker
  • 1 Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker
  • 1 StimTracker
  • Tobii Pro Studio Professional licenses
  • Tobii Pro Studio Analyst (non-recording) licenses


  • 1 day installation and initial training
  • 2 training days, including base material for curriculum development
  • Training videos
  • Access to technical support for students
  • 2 career webinars for students

 Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

"My decision to go with Tobii Pro was based as much on the unparalleled support they provide as on the technology. While Tobii Pro’s technology is great, what matters most is that Tobii Pro has a comprehensive program to support my researchers in gaining greater expertise in the application of eye tracking in their psychological research."

Nicholas Hall, manager, Behavioral Lab, Stanford Graduate School of Business