Biometric Software Suite

Software that builds a bridge between Tobii Pro eye trackers and a wide range of other devices for synchronized biometric data collection. Using this tool, researchers can synchronize eye tracking data with most EEG, ECG, EMG, GSR and NIRS systems.

System Requirements

Software system requirements

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Tobii Pro TX300

This product is discontinued and has been replaced by Tobii Pro Spectrum. You may still download related documentations below. Please contact our Sales or Support team if you have further questions. Read more

Tobii Pro X3-120

Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 120 Hz. This unobtrusive, robust research system is perfect for studies outside of the lab. It is designed for exhaustive, detailed fixation-based research.

Tobii Pro Studio

Software for a wide range of studies. Works with our X2 and X3 series as well as our legacy screen-based eye trackers and supports the entire workflow of a general eye tracking study.

This software is discontinued. You may still download related documentations below. Existing licenses will continue to work as usual. Read more