Additional Mounting Brackets - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued.


Mounting brackets for laptops and monitors

The Additional Mounting Brackets are used to attach the Tobii Pro X2-30 and Tobii Pro X2-60 to laptops or monitors (16:9) in test situations where stimulus is shown digitally. This accessory package contains various options for users who need a non-permanent solution, or have more complex mounting needs.

Parts & Construction

The Additional Mounting Brackets package contains the following parts:

  • Adhesive long plates
  • Non-adhesive long plates
  • Single-adhesive short brackets
  • Double-adhesive long brackets
  • TESA power strips
  • Cleaning tapes

The adhesive long plates offer an extra-large adhesive area in order to prevent the eye tracker from falling of the screen. They are used together with the single-adhesive short brackets and the non-permanent TESA power strips.

The non-adhesive long plates offer a non-permanent option so the brackets can be removed after the eye tracking test. They are used only together with the single-adhesive short brackets.

The long plates are flexible so you can attach the eye tracker toward one side when the mounting area is not symmetric (i.e. where there is more space on the left than the right, such as in a car or flight simulator).