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BitBrain Technologies is a pioneer company in neurotechnology and biomedical engineering applications, with its own neuromarketing technology under the usenns brand. usenns laboratories are research platforms entirely developed for neuromarketing, which integrates: i) wearable and wireless neuro/biosensors (dry-EEG, GSR, BVP, motion and eye-tracking) customized for market research; ii) software to synchronize sensors, and to set up and execute fast and accurate neuromarketing projects; and iii) cloud infrastructure to translate physiological data into emotional, cognitive and behavioral indicators. Market research companies in more than 20 countries have already included usenns labs in order to offer neuromarketing services to companies as L’Oreal, P&G or Pepsico among many others.

Paseo de Sagasta 19, Ento. Dcha

50008, Zaragoza, Spain