Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab tutorial:
Screen-based eye tracking with image stimuli

Webinar details

60 min



Webinar information

In this part of this webinar series, we’ll introduce a screen-based eye tracking project with static stimuli. Tobii Pro Lab supports the entire research workflow, including:

  • Stimulus timeline creation
  • Participant calibration & recording
  • Drawing areas of interest (AOIs), coding events, and creating custom times of interest (cTOIs)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and export

The tutorial is approx. 34 mins long and followed by Q&A session where all participants got a chance to chat with the experts, starting 37 mins into the video.

Event speakers

Dr. Marisa Biondi
PhD., Senior Research Scientist, Tobii Pro

Thomas Gaudy
Product Owner, Tobii