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Using wearable eye tracking for research

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105 minutes



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We team up with some of our academic users and host a virtual meeting where best practices, concrete findings, and use-cases from engineering and technology fields will be presented.

Event host

Event host: Marisa Bondi
Tobii Pro North America

Speakers: Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Eng.D and Senior Lecturer, & Graham Scott Ph.D. and cyberpsychologist, University of the West of Scotland

Talk: Application of eye tracking for assessing hazard perception on a Scottish construction site

Speaker: Nima Ahmadi Ph.D., and Postdoctoral Fellow, Houston Methodist Hospital

Talk:The application of eye-tracking technology in Intensive Care Units: Naturalistic Evaluation of Nurses’ Mental Workload

Speaker: Achim J. Lilienthal, Professor and Head of the Mobile Robotics & Olfaction, Örebro University

Talk: Intelligent Eye-Tracking Based Support Systems for Mobile Robotics and Beyond  

Speaker: Helen Lindner, Ph.D., and Senior Lecturer, Örebro University

Talk: Using eye gaze to trace cognitive processes during operation of a multifunctional prosthetic hand