We are your long-term research partner – a message from our president

Tom Englund, the CEO of Tobii Pro, comments on the latest developments in the eye tracking research market

Tom Englund, Division CEO, Tobii Pro

The big news in the eye tracking world in the past weeks was definitely the acquisition of the German eye tracking company SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI). SMI has been present in the eye tracking market since 1991 and has built up a strong product portfolio serving an array of customers within the research, assistive, and OEM space.

The acquisition of SMI is just the most recent of several acquisitions of eye tracking companies by tech companies. Last fall, The EyeTribe was acquired by Facebook and Eyefluence by Google.

This trend is a strong sign that eye tracking is about to become very important technology in mass-market devices of the future. This is likely to open up many opportunities related to this, and undoubtedly bodes well for the eye tracking market as a whole.

As a result of the acquisition, former customers of SMI have stated that SMI has indicated that they will no longer supply products in the research market. We understand the significance of eye tracking to both academic and commercial researchers' work, and at Tobii Pro we have the cutting-edge research tools and responsive services to help SMI customers should the need arise.

It is our strong ambition to help all eye tracking customers to push their boundaries and expand their research even further. We are enthusiastically pursuing our long-term goals to invest in and develop high-performance eye tracking solutions for research with complete transparency, while we optimize the technology and make it even more accessible to a wider group of professionals.

Tobii Pro has built its reputation and world leadership over the last 15 years through a relentless focus on outstanding customer service, stellar product performance, and a rapid research and development pace. Our large, knowledgeable team of experts is proud to serve the most prestigious research institutions across the globe as well as many of the world's most well-known and respected commercial companies.

Our company mission is to empower our customers with revolutionary insights into human behavior, using eye tracking as our foundation. This is a mission that everyone in our company lives and breathes, and we all feel that we have barely scratched the surface of the insights that we can uncover with the groundbreaking and unique technology that is eye tracking.

For more information, just reach out to any representative from Tobii Pro, and we can start the conversation.

Go eye tracking!


Tom Englund & The Team at Tobii Pro