Partnership with Qualisys combines motion capture and eye tracking solution

Qualisys, a leading provider of motion capture technology has partnered with Tobii Pro to integrate the two technologies for combined analysis of eye and body movements. 

The integration enables research professionals within healthcare, sports and psychology to obtain insights such as the visual strategy behind an athlete's body movements or a patient's search pattern – key analytics to improve sports performance, diagnose visual-motor disorders or assess progress in gait rehabilitation.

The resulting data from the motion capture and eye tracking can be streamed in real-time or exported for post analysis.

The integration will open up new possibilities within:

• Sports – insights on hand-eye coordination, deepen the understanding of performance in sports where these skills are crucial such as ball striking, golf-swing or table tennis. Knowing athletes exact eye and body movements makes it possible to predict where injury may occur and develop methods for prevention.

• Medical – extract tacit knowledge from skilled surgeons and translate their hand-eye coordination to training material. Identify visuomotor disorders and evaluate progress in physical rehabilitation.

• Training and Simulation – by simulating unexpected scenarios in controlled environments we can improve safety and performance. For example in training and simulation scenarios of piloting vehicles, flight controller and car assembly.

• Psychology – understand what visual stimuli trigger body language, explore gesture-speech integration.

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