News in Tobii Pro Studio

Tobii Pro Studio

We are excited to announce the following updates to Tobii Pro Studio, our cutting-edge analysis software for our screen-based eye tracking systems.

Here's what's new with Pro Studio (Pro Studio releases 3.4.1 – 3.4.3):

  • Works with the Windows 10 operating system
  • The possibility to replace the background image on web pages in order to create better visualizations in studies of web pages that change dynamically
  • A new gaze samples measure that more intuitively shows the percentage of valid samples during a recording
  • Support for our latest screen-based eye tracker, the Tobii Pro X3-120

We are continuously adding support for new versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. This update of Pro Studio supports up to Firefox version 42.0 (32 bit).

For more information about these new features, please refer to the release notes in the software and to the Tobii Pro Studio User Manual, version 3.4.3.

Make sure you download our latest release, Pro Studio 3.4.3.

If you have questions or want to renew your support and upgrade contract, feel free to contact sales