New features and metrics in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software

Tobii Pro Lab

We are excited to announce new features and improvements available in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software that will help to simplify and streamline the behavioral coding process.

We have added a new metric called Event Count that enables you to measure the occurrences of instantaneous behaviors other than gaze. Researchers can use events to mark and code user behaviors relevant to the study and apply the Event Count metric to get the data. If the length and duration of coded behaviors is of interest, you can also apply the Time of Interest feature to measure them. Now, previews of the Start and End points, as well as Snapshots, are available in the Time of Interest lists.

Combining the occurrence of other behaviors with the gaze data allows you to create advanced metrics in order to get in-depth insights into human behavior in various kinds of research.

Other improvements in this release:

  • Improved usability by making it possible to edit Custom Times of Interest in the Visualization tab 
  • Added Standard Deviation (N-1) and Variance to all Metrics
  • Added new columns in data export: Date of export, Recording resolution, Recording Fixation filter and Gaze event duration.
  • Improved Real-World Mapping performance and algorithm

To download the latest release of the Pro Glasses Analyzer, or to learn more about the new features, click here.

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