Tools and tips to assess eye tracking data quality

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In this webinar we will give an introduction to evaluating eye tracking data quality using Tobii Pro Eye Trackers, Software and the Analytics SDK.







Our objective is to give you an understanding of how eye tracking data quality can have a major impact on the results and interpretation of your experimental data. We will discuss how to assess eye tracking data quality using both quantitative and qualitative methods, using Tobii Studio and the Analytics SDK. After this webinar you will know more about the importance of eye tracking data quality and have gained some tips to incorporate data quality assessment into your eye tracking studies.


  • An introduction to data quality, what is it & why does it matter?
  • The effect of the lab ecosystem on quality
  • Pre-Experiment: Track Status, Calibration Validation
  • Validation: Quantitative vs. Qualitative
  • Calibration Validation with Tobii Studio & the SDK
  • During the experiment: Live Viewer, User Camera
  • Post Experiment: Quantitative evaluation & report of data quality

Audience and prerequisites:

This webinar is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of evaluating eye tracking data quality. Attendees should be familiar with basic eye tracking methods. The webinar is suitable both for people within academia as well as companies.

About the Instructor:

This webinar will be moderated by Ricardo Matos, PhD, Head of Knowledge programs,at Tobii Pro in Stockholm, Sweden.


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