Studying Visual Behavior in Simulated Environments

Webinar Tobii Pro Glasses 2
Join us for a webinar on October 27th in which we will discuss the use of Tobii Pro’s wearable eye tracking solutions in simulated research environments. During this presentation, we will explain how eye tracking technology can be applied in this area of research and provide real world examples of how Tobii Pro Glasses 2 has been applied cutting-edge research within this field.







Simulated testing environments provide a valuable context for conducting research in a diverse array of fields, including medicine, forensics, security, defense, automotive, aviation, and operator performance. In many of these contexts, building an understanding of visual behavior during the simulation is a crucial study outcome. Today’s wearable eye tracking systems allow researchers working in simulated contexts to unobtrusively collect detailed information about visual experience, for example:

  • What are the blind spots for a distracted driver? 
  • Does a surgeon notice critical alerts during an emergency? 
  • Which controls and displays in the cockpit does a pilot focus on? 
  • How can an operator interface be visually optimized to enhance performance?

Audience and prerequisites:

This webinar is for anyone interested in eye tracking and using simulated research environments in their studies. The webinar is also suitable for current or new users of the Tobii eye trackers.

About the Instructor:

This webinar is presented by Mike Bartels, Director, Insight Research Services, TobiiPro North America.


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