Pushing In-store Research to the Next Level

Webinar Tobii Pro Glasses 2 In-store Communication Retail design
Wearable eye tracking is the future of shopper, packaging, and retail research. In this emergent field of study, no one has more experience than Tobii Pro’s Insight Research Services team. If you would like to learn about this powerful in-store tool from the world leader, please join us for an informational webinar.







Nilay Erdem, our lead research analyst, will discuss the complete in-store eye tracking research cycle, including study development, recruiting, data collection, coding, analysis, and reporting. This is a great opportunity to learn how eye tracking can strengthen your existing research techniques and allow you to see the world through the eyes of your customers.

Audience and prerequisites:

This webinar is for anyone interested in eye tracking and consumer research. The webinar is also suitable for current or new users of the Tobii eye trackers.

About the Instructor:

This webinar is presented by Nilay Erdem, Lead Research Analyst, TobiiPro.


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