Eye Tracking in Human Performance Research

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Join us for a webinar on December 15th in which we will discuss the applications of eye tracking technology in human performance research. The presentation will include examples of visual behavior research across a variety of disciplines. This will include performance for both on-screen and offline tasks.







Visual behavior and human performance are closely linked. That’s why eye tracking is so frequently employed as a research tool for assessing achievement, comparing novices and experts, developing effective training protocols, and evaluating cognitive strategy during task completion. Tobii Pro’s screen-based and wearable systems are used across a multitude of human performance disciplines to improve efficiency and success. Applications include:

  • Education & Certification 
  • Operational Systems 
  • Sports & Athletics 
  • Medical Research

Audience and prerequisites:

This webinar is for anyone interested in eye tracking and human performance related studies. The webinar is suitable for current or new users of the Tobii eye trackers.

About the Instructor:

This webinar is presented by Mike Bartels, Director, Insight Research Services, TobiiPro North America.


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