A window into the infant's mind

Webinar Developmental psychology

In this 45 min (+15 min for questions) webinar we will learn how eye tracking can help you study infant and child development.






Developmental science has long been using eye tracking productively to study perception, cognition, and numeracy in children. In this webinar, we will introduce some of the questions investigated by infant and child development researchers and the experimental approaches taken to probe these capabilities.



Our objective is to give you an understanding of what eye tracking is and how it can be used as a research method in child and infant developmental studies. 

About the Instructor

This webinar is taught by Wilkey Wong, Director of Knowledge Services at Tobii Pro in Virginia, USA.


If you are unsure about the start time in your timezone you can use a tool such as the http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/  to convert the time into the the time in your location.

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